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    About Lara

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About Dietician Lara

Lara is a qualified, HCPC registered dietitian. She graduated from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in 2012. Lara began her career by moving back to her home town in resource-limited Zimbabwe that following year. There, she managed the kitchen at the local primary hospital and worked closely with the medical team to attend to a wide-range of in-patients’ nutritional needs.

Lara then moved to the UK in 2013 where she has worked in a variety of settings, ranging from neuro-disability rehab centres to one of London’s busiest critical care units. During this time, owing to her own health challenges, Lara completed some additional functional medicine studies.

About Lara

How Functional Medicine Helped My Ibs

Through addressing nutritional and lifestyle factors, she was able to dig a bit deeper to the cause of her concerns. She now helps other women do exactly the same too.

She understands the emotional burden and frustrations of dealing with gut and female hormone health issues, such as IBS and PCOS, and she passionately believes that no woman should have to face such challenges alone.

She is based in Chancery Lane, London. On a personal note I am please to have a working relationship with Lara where we can help each other to optimise the results of our clients.

For friendly advice about how I may be able to help, please fill in the enquiry form and i’ll be in touch soon.