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What is Biosignature Modulation?

Biosignature Modulation was the brainchild of world-renowned Strength & Conditioning coach Charles Poliquin. Charles went on to educate and popularise the idea that where we store body fat storage is in some way influenced by our hormones, diet and environmental influences.

The method uses skinfold analysis across a number of sites on the body, usually 12-14 sites depending on whether you are using Biosignature Modulation or the Bioprint method of analysis.

Steve Grant Biosignature Modulation

The Biosignature Modulation 12-site method includes measurements taken from the following sites:

  1. Chin
  2. Cheek
  3. Pectoral region (chest area)
  4. Tricep (back of the arm)
  5. Sub Scapular (upper back)
  6. Mid Auxiliary (side of torso, mid point between armpit and hip bone)
  7. Supra iliac (just about the hip bone on side of the body)
  8. Umbilical (stomach)
  9. Knee
  10. Calf
  11. Quadriceps (front of thigh)
  12. Hamstring (back of thigh, where it meets the bum)

I still use 12 sites but currently calculate body fat percentage on a 7 site skinfold equation that has more scientific literature behind it. Although I will be the first to admit that if you are looking for the most accurate measurement of body fat and lean mass then I would recommend a DEXA Scan. We have partnered up with Bodyscan UK to offer DEXA scans to our clients.

Unfortunately due to low dose radiation exposure, DEXA scanning is currently restricted to no more than once every 12weeks and so for ongoing management of clients, I still find skinfold assessment still has its place.


I did a 3 month course with Steve and could not believe the results. The fat was literally dropping off within weeks and within a  couple of months the muscle was piling on. I was away for a lot of the time so Steve got in touch with me over Skype and we changed my diet and training program every month. I have never had better results from any program in the past and I could not recommend Steve more highly.

Biosignature Modulation London

Is Biosignature Modulation Scientifically Valid?

A lot of people will always ask me if Biosignature Modulation has any scientific evidence showing the correlations with increases in body fat levels in specific sites in the body and physiological imbalances.

Whilst Charles popularised the idea that something beyond genetics influences body fat distribution, there has been some research looking at this relationship, although most of this research has been looking at central obesity and metabolic factors.

It can also be argued that general increases in body fat are the underlying cause of the hormonal imbalances and site specific fat distribution, thus a general fat loss approach will also go a long way in addressing the imbalances present.

Body fat itself is significantly metabolically active and as a result sends numerous messages and enzymes throughout the body, which can negatively effect hormone balance and also increase inflammation in the body, making it harder to lower your body fat. This is often why gaining body fat can become a vicious cycle, the more fat you have the more imbalanced your physiology becomes, thus the more fat you gain or the harder it is to lower your body fat.

Charles did see some relationships in the research and in his own clinical practice. As a result he is said to have ran his own research correlating thousands of skinfold assessments with blood testing looking for correlations between fat distribution and hormonal imbalances. What was born out of that was the concept of Biosignature Modulation.

Within scientific research you will find many studies correlating and demonstrating how mid-sectional body fat storage is influenced by poor glucose and insulin management and also the effects of poor stress hormone management on mid-sectional fat specifically around the belly button area.

Other skinfold sites have a little scientifically valid research to date although there have been some correlations made between disproportionate increases in body fat accumulation on the lower limbs and hormonal imbalances. I have seen clinically significant improvements in stubborn lower limb body fat when addressing hormonal imbalances and clearance issues through optimising digestive health and/or supporting the clearance of specific environmental compounds or toxins, however the relationships are by no means black and white and testing alongside Biosignature Modulation is often the best approach for those struggling with stubborn lower limb body fat distribution issues.

My experience with Biosignature Modulation

I have been taking skinfold body fat measurements since 2003 and using Biosignature Modulation since around 2010. To date I have performed thousands of measurements across hundreds of clients, ranging from elite international athletes to Hollywood actors, stunt performers, city workers and so forth.

I am lucky in the sense that I also have available to me some of the best in laboratory testing, giving me the opportunity to see my own correlations and to also use further objective testing where necessary with my clients.


In just 12 weeks HL was able to lower his body fat by around 10%, whilst holding his lean tissue. As an actor HL want to avoid gaining lean tissue and over the 12 weeks we were able to keep his lean tissue gain within 1kg of what it was when we started.

My approach to Biosignature Modulation

I have a slightly different approach to standard Biosignature Modulation coaches. I have the luxury of being a qualified Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner with a previous 8 years experience as a Personal Trainer as well.

Because of my skill set I tend to use Biosignature Modulation as a tool in my toolbox rather than the one and only method of assessment with my clients. Thus all of my Biosignature Modulation clients go through the same initial nutrition and lifestyle consultation process that all of my clients go through.

By combining approaches I believe this gives me much more objective data, allowing me to fine tune protocols more effectively and also help prevent the guesswork that is often at the heart of most standard Biosignature Modulation assessments.

When it comes to body fat distribution I believe people fit into one of three basic categories:

  • Torso body fat dominant (apple shape)
  • Lower limb body fat dominant (pear shape)
  • Balanced body fat distribution (even spread)

By classing clients into one of these three categories we can start to work on specific nutrition, lifestyle, genetic and environment factors that might be influencing their body fat distribution.

My approach initially is to work on the factors that are well within your control through your own nutrition and lifestyle choices. In the majority of cases this produces the desired outcome, however in some cases further investigation and perhaps supplementation may be required to elicit a more favorable or quicker result.

You can arrange a consultation with me to discuss how Biosignature Modulation or any of my other services could help you at any one of my three clinics in: Marylebone, Chalfont St Giles, or Hatfield. To get started, please don't hesitate to contact me using the form below.

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