• Meet The Team

    Meet The Team

    Learn more about the practitioners that I work with.


Below you will find some of the Steve Grant Health core associated practitioners. These practitioners I work closely with to ensure that my clients achieve their goals.

We also have significant links with other nutrition and functional medicine practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, personal trainers, medical doctors and more. Our goal is to create the right team around you, working together to ensure you progress and feel supported by the right specialist/specialists.

Lara Rickard

Lara Rickard

Functional Medicine Minded Dietician

Lara is a qualified, HCPC registered dietitian. She graduated from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, in 2012.

Since then Lara has worked in her home country of Zimbabwe as well as in London, working in primary hospital and critical care units as well as neuro-disability rehab centers.

Owing to her own health challenges, Lara completed some additional functional medicine studies and transitioned away from the more acute/primary care setting to helping people with more chronic symptoms.

Lara’s specialist areas of interest include female health issues and digestion as well as being able to coach people through the foundational changes required to optimise health.

Crucially she understands the emotional burden and frustrations of dealing with gut and female hormone health issues, such as IBS and PCOS, and she passionately believes that no one should have to face such challenges alone.

She is based in Chancery Lane, London & also available the Charterhouse Clinic in Marylebone as well.

We are pleased to have a working relationship with Lara where we can help each other to optimise the results of our clients. It is great to have a functional medicine minded practitioner.

With the permission of our clients Lara and Steve will often discuss client cases to ensure you get the detailed and correct support your heath deserves.

David Behrens

David Behrens

Mindfulness & Meditation teacher

Specilising in Mindfulnes programs for Stress Management, Mental Health and Addictive Behaviours.

David brings his expertise through his in-depth study and practice of Meditation while living 27 years as a teaching monk in an international retreat site and school of Yoga in South India. There he learned the eastern and yogic philosophy’s which are the origin of mindfulness and developed his knowledge of health and well-being through study of Ayurvedic Medicine. He transitioned from his monastic life in 2007 to further his studies of mindfulness and gain his advanced practitioner diploma in Homeopathy.

Through his knowledge of mindfulness, meditation and holistic medicine he has developed a therapeutic model to serve Mental Health Recovery, Relapse Prevention and Pain & Stress Management.

David says, “Mindfulness and Meditation builds awareness and ability to navigate one’s inner landscape of constantly changing Mental thoughts, habitual patterns and varied emotions. We need this skill in our healing journey.”

He currently offers his services regularly for the NHS Recovery Colleges in Gloucestershire, part of the Treatment team for Charter Harley Street – London’s prestigious private outpatient rehab and works with several psychologists and doctors in the London Chelsea area.

Mindfulness based programs can offer effective tools and skills that empower and resource an individual. They complement well and enhance a functional medicine programme.

We feel very privileged to have David working we our clients. Mindfulness and the practice of meditation can play such an important role in how the physical body responds to stressors and what life can throw at us. I have no doubt that a healthy mind supports and encourages a healthy body. The connection between the mind and the body should not be underestimated.

Stephen Makinde

Stephen Makinde


Stephen specialises in managing and treating conditions that have previously not responded to surgery, physiotherapy or osteopathy. He is often called upon for his expert opinion and skills in helping solve some of the more difficult cases.

His training as an Osteopath and Clinical Neuroscientist has indeed helped with his evidence base and problem solving. Stephen has a deep appreciation of the importance of a thorough case history to formulate the best approach to a problem.

Stephen trained at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in Hampstead, London, where he undertook a full-time degree course in Osteopathic Medicine and Naturopathy.

He previously taught on the undergraduate course and has also taught overseas on the post-graduate conversion course run for international students. He firmly believes that anatomy and evidence-based information are at the core of any good practitioner.

Through working with international royal families, premiership footballers (Arsenal, Chelsea and QPR) champion sportspeople and TV celebrities he is very much in demand as a top specialist in my field. We are fortunate to have a very close relationship supporting each other with challenging cases.

Stephen believes a professional and kind manner fused with a good old-fashioned hard working attitude helps him be more than competent when it comes to improving your health and performance, something we certainly agree with.

Albert Viljoen

Albert Viljoen

Doctor & Life Coach

Dr. Albert Viljoen is a qualified medical doctor and ICF-accredited life coach. He is an expert in the human design, facilitating transformation for clients who want to thrive. His mission is to move beyond treatment and cure, to living your life to the full.

After completing his medical degree at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 2007, obtaining cum laude in Family Medicine, Dr. Albert worked with thousands of patients in A&E and general practice. He treated anything from minor symptoms to chronic disease. During this time, he became increasingly frustrated with the overwhelming amount of preventable conditions. He wanted to do more than give symptom treatment and chronic medication: he wanted people to live energised, healthy lives.

Motivated by this, Dr. Albert furthered obtained a Certificate in Integrative Medicine Cum Laude and a Diploma in Practitioner Coaching. Today, he uses his expertise in human design to facilitate whole-life transformation for clients: not only on a physical level, but psychologically, emotionally and interpersonally.

How does Dr. Albert & Steve Grant Health work together?

Change is difficult. Even when we feel motivated, and really want to change, lifestyle habits can be tricky – even overwhelming – to adjust. This is especially true when it comes to our nutritional habits.

Dr Albert helps us provide that additional support and an excellent coaching space to simplify the process if it is needed. This allows us to focus more on what changes need to be made to your nutrition and lifestyle, where Dr. Albert will focus on how to implement these changes if support is needed. 

He also provides a trusting relationship for clients to work through any emotional relationship to food, stress and anxiety and lifestyle impact of changing their diet.