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5 reasons why your digestive cleanse has not solved your digestive symptoms

I work with many clients on optimising their digestive health. Often clients come to me frustrated with the diagnosis of IBS or just frustrated with the lack of investigation into the underlying cause of their digestive symptoms. Anyone with IBS type symptoms should generally follow these steps to begin with…

Make foundational changes to your nutrition and lifestyle

This includes regulating sleep patterns, lowering stress levels, appropriate movement and modifying diet.

Eliminate the most common problematic foods

These include:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Eggs

If you have covered the basics and tried eliminating the most common problematic foods for 30-60 days and yet your symptoms persist then I would recommend running a comprehensive stool analysis.

Once we get the results back from the stool analysis we can determine if there are any infections or overgrowths that might be the root to your symptoms. Following that we can design specific individualised herbal protocols to help overcome most infections or overgrowths.

What happens if your symptoms persist even after following a herbal protocol to eradicate an infection or overgrowth?

Sometimes symptoms persist, even after a digestive cleanse. The hope is that the foundation nutrition principles and the initial cleanse is enough to overcome most issues, however in some cases symptoms do continue to cause problems.

5 Reasons why your symptoms might persist and what to do about it

  1. The overgrowth or infection is not completely eradicated. Perhaps you need a longer cleanse, a different cleanse or other specific antibiotic or anti fungal treatment.
  2. The cleanse was successful but your intestines need time heal, thus you must focus on repairing the intestinal lining and continuing your food and lifestyle foundation principles.
  3. You may need to focus on establishing a better balance of bacteria, thus probiotics and competitive yeasts can be very helpful in the post initial cleanse phase.
  4. You have picked up another infection.
  5. You are still eating foods that are causing inflammatory and immune responses that need eradicating. The most important thing is to have some level of patience. Often clients come to me that have been suffering with digestive issues for years, so to expect everything to clear up in a matter of weeks in some cases may be unrealistic.

We often need to be very focused on gastrointestinal health for some time and remain consistent with the dietary and lifestyle changes to see a long-term improvement.

Having said that if symptoms have shown little change or some nagging symptoms persist then re-running your stool test would be the first step. If that comes back clear then you can either continue with long term management of nutrition, lifestyle, digestive repair and the repopulation of good bacteria with the option of running food sensitivity testing to see if any foods are contributing to your symptoms as well.

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