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Impactful listening

impactful listening

We often hear about the importance of proper communication. How we should talk more, to express our feelings and how we should work on our communication skills. And while this is imperative to our relationships and our wellbeing, one piece of the puzzle is often missing: listening. I believe listening is one of the most important yet underrated skills in our modern-day society.

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3 unique ways you can benefit from working with a health coach

benefits working with health coach

Lifestyle change is difficult, especially if you are doing it alone. It is why so many new years resolutions fail every year. Ever tried a new way of eating but haven’t been able to stick to it? Or signed up to the gym but not finding the time to go? Or tried to go to bed earlier, but that next Netflix episode gets in the way? Many people nod yes, and this is where working with a health coach can help.

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The art of failing well

the art of failing well image

Most of us start our journey of health with massive ambitions. You feel energized, motivated and ready to turn your diet on its head, or rather, on its feet. You clear all the crisps, sweets and treats from your cupboard, and fill your trolley with Wholefoods goodness. But two weeks in, and you’re binging on a tub of Ben & Jerry’s while watching a trashy film.

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The psychology of change

psychology of change image

Before determining the in’s and outs of healthy nutrition one crucial area that must be talked about is the psychology of change. Understanding why we want to make change and forming relationships between the new habits and our current highest life values is an important step.

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