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Can you focus on one thing?

At a time of year where we feel both motivated and pressured into making multiple and significant changes to your diet and lifestyle, I explore how simplifying your changes and reducing your distractions has the capability of enhancing the results you are going to be able to achieve in the long term.

For the last two years I have wanted to create my own online nutrition program, teaching people about the foundational nutrition and lifestyle habits to empower them around their food and lifestyle choices. Just this week I finally launched the trial version to 9 willing participants where I will be delivering weekly video presentations, providing them with handouts, and a forum where I can assist them with their changes and they have a support network of other individuals going through the same process.

You might ask why has it taken me 2 years to go from idea to action? Simple, distraction! In the past I have always had the habit of overwhelming myself with new goals, targets, ambitions, business ventures and ideas, starting one thing before I have finished another. I have always been ambitious, but channeling my energy to bring to fruition my goals and dreams has been a different story.

Not only are we bombarded with constant exposure to our own ideas and goals, we also have our families to think about, our jobs along with the daily invasion of social media, TV, group chat rooms, gaming and so forth.

We have all been guilty of mindlessly scrolling through our phones sucking in constant streams of information, mostly completely irrelevant to us.

A big part of my recent change and a core element to my new foundations program is first establishing and becoming clearer about our values and goals. I worked with a mentor of mine to help work on my values and invested some significant time and finances into my own personal development.

If there is one thing that has tripped me up achieving my own goals and also affected the results I am able to get with clients it is focusing on too many things at once.

We all want to be successful with our goals as soon as possible, yet real success involves a certain level of patience and compounding positive habits over a period of weeks, months and years, especially when it comes to our health and physique goals.

I like clients to focus on introducing no more than one habit / behavioral goal per week. If after 12 weeks you have managed to introduce 12 new behaviors/habits this will go a long way in transforming your health and achieving your long-term outcome goals.

If I were to give you your 12 most important behavior goals on week 1, your chances of successfully implementing those goals are minuscule compared to introducing one behavior goal at a time.

It is an important concept to think about at this time of year where we often turn our world upside-down in a quest to become healthy, lean and successful.

Be sure to have a clear goal, try not to focus on changing too many things at any one time and don’t beat yourself up if you slip up once in a while.

Two books that I recommend for those struggling with managing time and bringing their goals to fruition are ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller and ‘The Power of Less’ by Leo Babauta. Both are also available on audiobook as well (my favorite type of book)!


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