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Why and how to keep a gratitude diary

Whilst a gratitude diary is a very ‘American’ type of activity that us Brits generally laugh at, it is certainly an effective way of changing mind set before bed, reducing stress hormones and encouraging a good night’s sleep.

Firstly buy a small book and a pen in colours you like.

Complete this exercise every night before bed

  1. Right down goals you have for the next day. (This helps unload the mind.)
  2. In the next paragraph write down a list of things you are thankful / grateful for that have happened that day. (What you appreciate, appreciates.)
  3. In the next part say thank you for things you want to happen that have not happened yet. (This encourages positivity for the future.)

Give it a go, especially if you are struggling with getting to sleep or staying asleep and you are experiencing any significant stressors that might be playing on your mind.

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