Mindfulness & Meditation Open Day

We are excited to announce the launch of expert mindfulness and meditation coaching at Steve Grant Health. For well over a year now I have been working with David Behrens on both a personal level and also to support many of my clients with great results.

David will now be working out of our clinic on Crawford Street on alternating Wednesdays starting in May.

To help launch David’s services we are offering an open day on the 25th of April from 12-6pm with free one-to-one 20min at clinic or video call taster sessions by appointment only. For this we have created a taster session menu.

Choose a session to explore how mindfulness and meditation can help you optimise your health.

Each 20-minute session includes tips, reflections and simple mindfulness and meditation practices that are easy to learn, take home, and apply immediately in your daily life.

Stress & Anxiety Management

Taster 1: Stress and Anxiety Management

Learn the tips and skills to manage stress. Through simple mindfulness breath techniques, one is able to lessen the stress response, and return more quickly to equilibrium and a calm balanced mind.

Better Sleep

Taster 2: Better Sleep

Through applying these mindfulness practices in the evening, one is able to learn the skill of “turning off” at the end of a busy day, so the mind, body and emotions are prepared for restful sleep and able to return to natural sleep patterns.

Healthy Relationship To Food & Nutrition

Taster 3: Healthy Relationship to Food and Nutrition

Mindful eating offers us the ability to develop a healthy relationship with food. We become more aware of our body’s needs and the natural hunger response. We develop insight and awareness into unbalanced eating patterns so that we can learn to choose the types and quantities of food that best support our bodies. Learn a simple reflection on the purpose of eating, and simple mindfulness techniques on how to eat, so the act of eating is more enjoyable and better supports your health.

Freedom from Addictive Behaviours

Taster 4: Freedom from Addictive Behaviours

Through mindfulness we learn the skill to watch the movement of our mind and its habits. Through building this awareness we are then able to develop the power of choice in our behaviours and lifestyles, and become free from addictive behaviours.

Pain management

Taster 5: Pain Management

Learn how the practices of mindfulness and meditation can reduce pain and suffering, and support the body’s natural healing abilities. Through the practice of mindfulness breath techniques, one learns how to relax the body and soften physical pain and through the practice of compassionate meditation we learn how to ease the emotional and mental pain that accompany injuries and chronic illness.

Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation in Daily Life

Taster 6: Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation in Daily Life

Learn breath and mind-centering skills to apply during busy everyday life to bring calmness, stability, stronger mental focus and reduced stress. Learn a short energizing morning practice to begin the day with intention and gratitude. Receive tips on how to establish a vibrant home meditation practice that can ultimately help people find a quiet refuge within, a sense of peace and contentment.

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