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What is Your Health Score?

what is your health score

Have you ever checked out your credit score before? A credit score is a number based upon your credit history such as accounts you have, debt, payment history etc. In a nutshell, that score helps to qualify you for lending and allows those lenders to determine your risk. If you have a low score, you can work on specific areas to help bring it up and lower your risk.

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Chronic Inflammation

chronic inflammation

This page is designed to help you understand why you might be experiencing symptoms relating to chronic inflammation. In this section we look at what inflammation is, what might cause chronic inflammation, some of the health implications of chronic inflammation, certain testing considerations for inflammation and then some natural strategies that may help you combat chronic inflammation.

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Immune Insufficiency

immune insufficiency quiz

This page is designed to help you understand why you might be experiencing symptoms relating to immune insufficiency. In this section we look at what role the immune system plays, possible underlying causes for reduced immune function, testing considerations, and some things that you might be able to do to help improve the robustness of the immune system through some foundational nutrition and lifestyle adaptations.

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detoxification quiz

This page is designed to help you understand why you might be experiencing symptoms relating to impaired detoxification or overall toxic burden. In this section we look at why we need to consider toxicity as a potential health issue, as well as foundational changes that you can make to reduce your toxic burden and improve your body’s ability to manage the toxins it is exposed to.

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Cognitive Impairment

cognitive impairment

This page is designed to help you understand why you might be experiencing symptoms or have risk factors relating to cognitive impairment. We look at what cognitive impairment is, possible underlying causes, testing considerations and some things that you might be able to do to help with cognitive impairment issues.

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Impactful listening

impactful listening

We often hear about the importance of proper communication. How we should talk more, to express our feelings and how we should work on our communication skills. And while this is imperative to our relationships and our wellbeing, one piece of the puzzle is often missing: listening. I believe listening is one of the most important yet underrated skills in our modern-day society.

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3 unique ways you can benefit from working with a health coach

benefits working with health coach

Lifestyle change is difficult, especially if you are doing it alone. It is why so many new years resolutions fail every year. Ever tried a new way of eating but haven’t been able to stick to it? Or signed up to the gym but not finding the time to go? Or tried to go to bed earlier, but that next Netflix episode gets in the way? Many people nod yes, and this is where working with a health coach can help.

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Stress and weight gain

stress and weight gain

During stress, we adapt our physiology and behaviour so that we are able to survive. This is known as the stress response. Under normal conditions, the stress response is vital and healthy. However, when activated repeatedly, it can have negative effects on our health. An over activated stress response is associated with weight gain and many chronic diseases. This article highlights ways in which stress can influence weight gain.

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Lifestyle factors and type 2 diabetes

lifestyle factors and type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes results from genetic and lifestyle factors. The great news is, lifestyle can be changed. Changes to diet, physical activity and weight (especially body fat) levels prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes. This article covers the key lifestyle factors that contribute to type 2 diabetes and tips on how to start changing them.

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Inflammation and type 2 diabetes

inflammation and type 2 diabetes

A well-balanced inflammatory response maintains good health, prevents illness and aids recovery. However too much of an inflammatory response, known as a low-grade inflammatory response, is associated with a host of chronic diseases, one of which is type 2 diabetes. This article covers factors associated with inflammation that may increase risk for type 2 diabetes.

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movement health score

If you scored high in the ‘Movement’ section of the Health Score assessment then please read this resource as it contains some useful information and resources to help you.

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A Healthier Approach to Barbeques

a healthier approach to barbeques

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the challenges with grilling and barbequing food. How there may be some health implications with the foods you choose to cook and how you cook them. Equally I want to offer some solutions to help mitigate the potentially negative effects of this type of cooking.

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Batch cooking ideas

batch cooking ideas

Thankfully the initial madness that surrounded coronavirus food shopping habits and the access to food seems to have now finally calmed down. I have had a number of requests for meal ideas that can be batch cooked at home and have prepared a selection of our recipes for you to try!

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Home exercise routines for during this period of social distancing / isolation

home exercise routines during isolation lockdown

In a previous article titled Online exercise class schedule to help you through lockdown, we provided a class timetable for online classes. You can download the PDF that we are updating on an ongoing basis. Simply reach out to the practitioner offering the class via their website or social media platform and they can provide a link to their class.

For many of you however, attending classes at set times might not fit in so easily with your schedule. For that reason, I have also put together a number of pre-recorded or designed exercise programs that can be done at your leisure. These have been kindly sent over to me from colleagues in the fitness industry, so I would like to say thank you to them for allowing me to place their content on here.

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