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Many individuals want to begin a journey to better health, and we know that they really want to understand the journey they are about to take. They want someone to sit with them and guide them. They want to feel listened to and supported. They don’t want just a label or diagnosis alone, but clarity about the underlying causes of their symptoms and what they can do about them.

At Steve Grant Health we offer you that exact support by providing a truly personalised health journey, through a therapeutic empowering partnership with a team of professionals who help guide you in how to overcome chronic health symptoms, restore balance in body and mind, and optimise how you look, feel and think.

Client Journey First Steps

The First Steps

We begin with a thorough review of your health and life history timeline, including your current health symptoms, nutrition, lifestyle, past reports and results of any relevant testing.

Our professionals then map out your health journey, tailored to you, giving you the tools to make the first steps towards optimising your health.

Our Integrative & Functional Medicine approach recognises the importance of five core areas required for long-term health success: nutrition, sleep, movement, mind and emotions, and finally, relationship health. As we get to know you and what is relevant for your health journey, our professionals may recommend experts for you to work with in one or more of these five core areas.

Client Journey First Steps

The health journey begins here because, in our experience, improvement in these areas is the foundation for restoring and optimising health. As you develop your five core areas of health, previously-hidden underlying imbalances occasionally reveal themselves; if so, appropriate targeted investigation can then be carried out, thereby avoiding costly and possibly unnecessary over-testing at earlier stages.

In addition to addressing underlying causes, our goal is also to offer some relief from your symptoms through natural means when possible and, as needed, in collaboration with your primary care provider, specialist or one of our professional partners.

Keep Moving Forward

Continual re-evaluation through regular and sustained contact allows us to fine-tune and personalise your health journey, adding recommendations and additional team members as needed along the way. Our personalised approach is especially helpful in keeping you encouraged and moving towards your goals without being thrown off course by the ups and downs that are normal on the way to better health.

From the beginning we put the right people from our Integrative & Functional Medicine team around you and then our professionals sit alongside you offering ongoing guidance – support from a team that we feel will allow you to progress and flourish on your health journey – for the duration.

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Due to COVID-19, consultations within the clinic are offered following specific health and safety procedures. We also offer online consultations for those unable to or those who would prefer not to come to the clinic at this time.

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