AJ Weir

AJ Weir

Where to start… Well I haven’t got to almost 40 years of age and not tried the odd new wave “fad diet” boiled cabbage leaves, clear soup . Tasmanian devil’s blood well not quiet but each was as equally as bizarre as the next and alas none of them worked .So if I say I became a sceptic of alternative diets and the opinions of so called professionals it would be an understatement.

My partner almost 8 years younger than myself (high five ladies) was however less of a cynic and when he became dissatisfied with his body shape and energy levels (and I equally dissatisfied with his mood swings) he embarked on a nutritional plan and exercise regime suggested by Steve Grant.

Every morning as he tucked into chunks of meat much akin to the size of a babies arm, accompanied by more spinach than even Popeye could handle, I would shake my head roll my eyes and waltz out of the house with an empty belly thinking “I hope the lazy git cleans the kitchen”. It wasn’t long before I noticed that at the end of the day the “lazy git” actually had more energy than me.

So after much rolling of eyes “it’s ‘Psychological honey” debate and waking up to a plate full of sausages , spinach & egg waived under my nose at 7.30am I finally gave in, after all one more “fad “ diet couldn’t hurt could it and it certainly looked better than boiled cabbage. So I adopted the same eating principles and it wasn’t long before I realised that this wasn’t a “fad” diet but a health education and I actually enjoyed using my new found knowledge to plan meals for all of us that not only satisfied the appetite of a caveman but also gave us more energy than Paula Radcliffe on speed.

Now I am not going to lie and say that I spent hours down the gym like my partner did, but I have an active full time Job and as a mum I am always on the go so I felt there was still a balance. After a month or so I began to get compliments on how well I was looking and yes I had lost weight but oddly not in the same skeletal/ head the size of an orange way that “fad diets” resulted in (only 3 weeks later to pile it back on through sheer hunger), but in a “I am not carrying heaps of fat where I shouldn’t kind of way “. I became toned healthy, happy well nourished with skin so bright I could light the O2 arena!

Ahhhhh but it gets better, as not only was I following the same principles but the genius child we so lovingly bore was also chowing down on the fruits of “him indoors” new education. At times it was like living with a cross between Jamie Oliver and Dr Hillary however I no longer felt the need to mock when our son started to turn down treats which as he claimed “Are not healthy mummy”. One of the hardest jobs us mums have is to raise healthy children and steer them away from a life of televisual submission and fast food culture. Not only did our new way of eating promote questions about the origins of certain foods but it also saved Willy Wonka from another Augustus Gloop phenomenon!

So I guess this is the part where I say that you can teach old dog new tricks, but hey if you saw an old dog with my figure now you would be hard pushed to label it old.

Converted? Definitely! Educated? Most definitely! Spreading the word to other old dogs???? You betcha I am…

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