Alex’s Success Story



I first went to see Steve in July 2016 after feeling super low energy, sleeping badly and struggling to motivate myself to train for months. The final straw was missing a period which scared me into finding out what the problem was. 

After an initial consultation Steve sent me for a series of blood tests, and as soon as the results were back I saw him a second time to talk through the results, and get a plan of action put into place. 

I was advised to switch up my nutrition and to follow a supplement protocol for 8 weeks which worked like a dream. I felt like a new person, my periods came back (and have been regular ever since) and I now sleep through the night most nights. I have also been able to get back to training, which as a personal trainer, is really important to me and my business. 

I had my bloods re- tested in November to confirm that everything had improved since my original testing. The results had improved dramatically and reflected how I’m now feeling, which is back to my best!

I can’t thank Steve enough for all of his help. He’s friendly, knowledgable and puts you at total ease, even when discussing subjects that can be seen as “embarrassing!”. 

Steve – you’re a legend. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alex O’Hanlon

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