Ben Wright

Ben Wright - Stunt Performer

Ben Wright - Stunt Performer

Hi my name is Ben and I am a Stunt man in the Movie Industry. I have worked all over the world in some of Hollywoods biggest productions. I am 34, love all sports and I am a complete adrenalin junkie!

I started seeing Steve early this year as unbeknown to me I had some quite serious health conditions that were going untreated. All I knew at the time was I kept getting infections on different parts of my body that would literally incapacitate me. Once the infection was out I would need antibiotics quickly or the infection would put me in hospital. Over the period of about 5 years twice I was admitted to hospital and at least 10-12 courses of antibiotics. I would normally suffer from one or two of these infections a year until this year when I had three at the same time. Our lovely medical service had no idea what was causing them. Every time I had to see a Doctor I was referred for diabetes but after testing my results always came back negative. After a full blood count we found I had mild neutrapina, no explanation why and what I could do. Apart from of course take medication!

So I was recommended Steve from a friend and this is where my journey to health started. Steve was fantastic he quickly had a barriage of tests done on me and found the problem straight away. Steve explained all his findings to me and what we needed to do to get my health back. I was then put on a strict protocol for the first 6 weeks and then follow up protocols from there. 6 months later white blood cells are back and no infections….. PLUS I dropped to 10% body fat at 95kg!

From the moment I started seeing Steve I was impressed how professional he was and the depth of knowledge that he has. I struggled with the restrictions that were put in front of me but Steve was always at the end of the phone to help. I have and will continue to recommend Steve to friends family and International movie Stars. Thank you Steve.

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