Chloe Bruce

Chloe Bruce -

Chloe Bruce -

Steve has helped me out tremendously. I originally went to see him to lose weight on my legs. This was in order to get down to the same size as the actress that I was doubling for on a movie. Well since then I have become addicted to nutrition and the importance of not only eating right, but drinking the right quantity of water, getting the right amount of sleep and all the other factors that go into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have never felt better about myself. Not only to look at, but my energy is a lot better throughout my long days at work, my mood changed, and even my skin feels better.

What I also like about Steve, is that he genuinely cares about all of his patients. If I have a question he will bet there to answer any time of day, and he always maintains contact throughout to see how you are getting on, asks if there is something that doesn’t agree with me or something that needs changing etc.

Steve’s accuracy in targeting certain areas on the body, or certain goals never seize to amaze me. Whenever I go to see him with a specific goal, he gives me a nutritional plan and without doubt, if I stick to it 100%, my goal will be achieved. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone.

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