Finn Wittrock - Actor

Finn Wittrock - Actor

Steve was absolutely crucial to nearly every member of the cast of Unbroken. We all had to achieve an emaciated look for the film, while still maintaining the energy to act for months of 12-plus hour days. He had to oversee a large cast of POW’s in our World War 2 prison camp, and all of them looked incredible, and credit Steve for their achievement. A few of us had to get especially skinny for our raft sequence.

SBefore working with Steve, I was simply dropping calories, which was a slow process for losing weight and also made me generally miserable. Steve’s protocol revealed to me the process of eating and fasting that would be both healthy and achieve the goals of the film. It was still incredibly difficult, but he was always there for us, and went above and beyond the call of duty to check in about how we were doing, physically and psychologically, and was always available for whatever help we needed.

SI honestly think I would have gone insane if I had to lose that much weight without him. He kept me sane, and kept me healthy, and still kept me looking like a starving man on a raft. He is truly insightful and incredibly knowledgeable, and will tailor your regiment to fit your specific needs.

Thanks for everything Steve!

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