I can wholeheartedly recommend Steve for his knowledge of Functional Medicine and nutrition, hands on approach and professionalism. He is very easy to talk to and focussed on helping you.


I was a very fit and healthy 40 year old Mum of 3, very into healthy eating and lifestyle when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition Sjogrens Syndrome. I was immediately offered immunosuppressants, which I declined and researched dietary/lifestyle ways of keeping the symptoms (extreme fatigue, joint pain, dry mouth and eyes) under control. This has been very successful.

Then at 44 I was diagnosed with a large kidney stone, requiring surgery to remove it. I assumed it was a one-off, but within 4 months of removal had developed 2 more huge stones. In the space 9 months I had 3 lots of renal surgery, 2 inpatient stays for serious post-op infections, had countless kidney infections and taken hundreds of antibiotics. I looked grey, was constantly exhausted and felt permanently unwell. I was being treated by Urology and Nephrology teams in the NHS, who were brilliant, but kept telling me there was no explanation and I should just drink more water. I refused to believe that there wasn’t a root cause of the kidney stones and did lots of online research. Which is where I came across Functional Medicine. Aside from finding it fascinating, it totally resonated with me and I found Steve’s website and contacted him. I was worried about the cost and really couldn’t afford the appointment but I was so desperate to find a way out of the situation I was in.

Steve immediately asked me to cut out gluten and dairy for a month, then consider a full 3 month phase of an auto-immune paleo diet. He suggested I have blood tests (which I did) and discovered that his suspicion that I was low in magnesium was correct – very low. And low magnesium is a risk factor for kidney stones. On his advice I took specific supplements.

The 3 month paleo was hard, but within a few weeks I felt so incredibly well. I got lots of comments of how healthy I was looking (from friends who had been too polite to tell me I looked dreadful!). I lost the grey pallor, I had energy, and I felt like me for the first time in absolutely ages. Since then Steve has amended the supplements I take to try and correct a low citrate level in my urine (another major kidney stone risk).

Where I am now

8 months after seeing Steve for the first time, I know that I have 3 tiny kidney stones (which were most likely there by the first time I saw him), but they are too small to even treat. My urinary PH has gone from alkaline to acidic (great result), urinary citrate levels have improved and the Urology and Nephrology teams are very happy with my progress. Whilst they won’t completely acknowledge the role of nutrition in my recovery, they have said that whatever I am doing is plainly working!

I can honestly say that seeing Steve has been the best investment I have made. What he has helped me achieve in less than a year has been incredible. I am a naturally positive person but prior to his intervention I felt at an all- time low and just couldn’t see a way out of being ill all the time.

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