I came to see Steve about a year ago on a friend’s recommendation after being diagnosed with PCOS. It completely floored me as I had just got engaged and was looking forward to starting a family, all I associated PCOS with was infertility.

Following the initial diagnosis in April 2014 I had been placed on medication to help me ovulate including meformin and Clomid. Neither seemed to be successful and by the time I saw you I had only had one period in a year.

When we had our consultation I was reassured by how much you had read about my circumstances before, including analysing blood test results. The plan you gave me was realistic and sustainable for my lifestyle and you also recommended a supplement that had very recently been researched. I was amazed at your knowledge given that most professionals I’ve dealt with know very little about PCOS.

Within a month of following your plan (admittably with a few more wines than suggested) and taking the supplement I had a natural period, a month later I became pregnant which unfortunately ended in miscarriage but gave me the confidence that my body was working. One natural period later I was pregnant again just after our wedding and we’ve now just welcomed a much wanted daughter.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done, I genuinely don’t think our daughter would be here if it weren’t for our consultation. In addition, taking control of my nutrition finally made me feel empowered over my body when I was beginning to feel so lost.

You are doing an amazing job and thank you from bottom of my heart.

Georgina (and baby Ruby)

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