Greg LC

Greg LC

I’ve been training in a gym on and off for about 20 years, keeping pretty fit and healthy but without ever really put on muscle or changing my appearance. Along the way, I’ve seen quite a few personal trainers – some good, some bad – none of whom really made that big of a difference.

Seeing Steve over the last 18 months, my body fat percentage has gone from 18% to sub-10% – fat loss results I never thought possible, and my muscle mass has increased by 12.5 pounds.

For the first time, I actually have muscles and my love handles have gone, which I thought would never happen. At age 39, I feel significantly better than I did at 29.

The difference is that other trainers only saw (at best) half the picture, whereas Steve understands that results cannot be achieved without incorporating proper nutrition into your diet. He takes the time to understand thoroughly your personal body and dietary characteristics and comes up with a tailored program. As a Charles Poliquin disciple, you also know he’s at the cutting edge of available information.

None of this would be of any use if Steve wasn’t also able to communicate, in an easy to understand way, the underlying rationale and science behind what he is telling you. Personally, if i can’t understand the reasons behind something, I am far less likely to stick to it. At last, I feel like I understand the interaction between what I’m putting into my mouth, my exercise regime and what my body looks/feels like.

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