Helen Bailey

Helen Bailey - Stunt Perfomer

Helen Bailey - Stunt Perfomer

I went to see Steve with what I thought was an impossible task… Not only to lose weight but to lose muscles too. For my work as a Stunt Performer I have to look as similar to the actress I am doubling as possible, and as I have done sports my whole life trying to look super skinny just isn’t what my body is supposed to look like.

I tend to gain muscle easily because of my background in sports such as gymnastics and as Steve mentioned in part my genetics. I thought the only way to do it was by starving myself, but apart from being impossible and very unhealthy it was counter-productive as I need lots of energy for my job which is very physically demanding.

Steve pointed out things that were leading to fat gain in my diet and lifestyle that I would never have known about or considered in a million years, things not even related to food which surprised me. By following the nutrition and training plan Steve set out for me which was very specific to my goals and body type, I was able to lose body fat and even muscles (which I honestly thought was impossible) all while having enough energy to work.

He is so supportive and encouraging. He is like an encyclopaedia of weight loss and healthy living. I have gained so much knowledge about food and diets from him as any questions I have however random he can always answer them.

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