Janet Lyons

Janet Lyons

Janet Lyons

I have been labelled as a type 2 diabetic or pre diabetic for nearly 15 years. After a stressful period in my life and losing my way somewhat with my diet and lifestyle, my average blood sugars (HbA1C) had increased from a previous 7.2 to 8.6 and so to my cholesterol levels had also gone up, with an increase in weight. The initial reaction from the nurse was to start medication, I asked if she would give me 3 months to try and sort myself out, which she agreed stressing that if there was little or no change then it was for my benefit that I should start ‘medication’.

Following a consultation with Steve, where he reviewed my previous lab test and ran 2 additional lab tests, reviewed my nutrition and current lifestyle and began to formulate a plan. Steve offered weekly support and food diary reviews, and to my amazement doubled, if not tripled the amount of food I was eating. We also used a blood glucometer to test how my bloods were reacting to certain meals, allowing me to manage my blood sugars and understand the effects certain foods were having on them.

After 3 months it was time for my diabetic review and the follow up blood tests. I knew things were going well because I had been tracking my blood sugar levels gradually dropping over the past 3 months, along with my body weight which was now 11kg lighter. To my amazement and the diabetic nurses’ amazement my average blood sugar score over the 3 months had gone from 8.6 down to 6.7, the lowest it had been in years.

The good thing is I know it is not over now, Steve has set me some new goals for when I go for another review in 6 months. I still have to continue with my healthy eating habits, but the best thing is I want to continue. The past three months have completely change how I approach my nutrition and lifestyle, and in such a short time I feel so much better and my self-confidence is now returning.

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