Jason J

Jason J

Jason J

Meeting Steve was one of those tasks that I kept meaning to do and kept not getting around to it. Finally I found myself face to face with Steve and talking our way through the challenges I was having. I was overweight but couldn’t seem to lose weight. I needed to lose weight to get fit enough to enjoy my active business life. Oh and by the way, I don’t have much time available to do any of this.

Steve humoured me and took notes, he listens well. I could tell he had heard this story many times before. Patiently he coaxes me on to the scales and talks to me about the challenges people have weighing themselves. There is a part of me that feels like I have finally come face to face with the bank manager who wrote to me in my late teens – there is no avoiding it, a hard number is about to appear. And then it’s done, it wasn’t that painful. Now on to the body fat measurements, outcome the callipers and the calculations.

Steve knows this is a challenge for people but handles it with grace and dignity and helps me to understand the numbers and charts. A clear picture of my nutritional health is starting to take shape. We sit down and design a change in diet that is manageable. Not too much to start with, let’s just get breakfast sorted first! Over the course of the next several months we take on the other meals and start to work on a simple exercise plan.

Even though the changes were small to start off with, every month I lost a bit of weight and body fat. Things were working but not as fast as Steve thought they should be, we decide to carry out blood and stool tests to see how my body is digesting food and whether there were any food sensitivities. Three weeks later we have the results, it turns out that I was having some reactions to foods that I was unaware of.

We came up with a solution which meant certain foods where out, but Steve focused on the foods that I could eat rather than focusing on what I should not be eating. Nothing changes for a couple of weeks and then finally the needle on the scales begins to flicker and start to come down. I start to lose weight, keep the exercise going, lose more weight, feel healthier and bingo I am finally on the path to good health.

Although I am now in Canada, I still plan on seeing Steve when I return to England on work. He is patient, polite and professional. He researches and questions and is always learning. Great customisable and workable service based on science and compassion. Totally recommend!

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