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Jay After

I was young and cared only about how much I could lift. I did not think of the implications this may have on my health and how this would affect me long term. I was unable to walk up the stairs without feeling out of breath and suffering symptoms of asthma. I realised I had to change my lifestyle and eating habits and take more pride in caring for my body and mind in general.

Steve Grant in collaboration with my Personal Trainer Mark Alcock have been absolutely fantastic! Initially I had gone from 85KG and 25% body fat down to 67.9KG and 5.6% body fat within 4 months. I was shocked at how a little bit of commitment and hardwork had helped me achieve this. I owe immeasurable amounts of gratitude and thanks to these guys. They empathised with my situation and strived to help me achieve my goals in becoming more muscular and lean. Mark’s programming really pushed me and Steve’s knowledge on nutrition and gut health was second to none. It was hard but I humbled myself and listened; 2 years later I have nothing but respect and admiration for these guys.

Training has always been a way to focus my energy but after consulting with Steve and learning a fraction of his vast knowledge and putting this into practice I was able to take advantage of my training capability and understand how I could transform negative experiences in my life of illness and hardship into pushing further and making me stronger both mentally and physically.

With my change in body composition it also inspired me to learn Callisthenics (a type of gymnastics). I had grown in confidence and learnt a lot from Steve and Mark. To me they are truly inspirational people. They may not see themselves as mentors but to me; how they have conduct themselves and how they have helped me, this is how I see them. Steve was able to help me even with my personal dietary requirements and I have been able to build lean mass and continue to grow in strength. Steve helped me to understand how, even with my dietary restrictions that I could still surpass my wishes and excel in my training and well being. Through Steve and Mark’s help I have been able to unlock the ability to push myself to extreme levels of training where I have found it to be truly rewarding and I truly love it!

In my short experience and understanding, an experience is what you make/learn from any scenario and situation and if you are honest with Steve and allow him to help you in those areas you struggle in, whatever they may be; despite any doubts you have you will come out of it learning more about yourself mentally and physically. It has inspired me to help others as Steve has also helped me realise my passion for training again and the way he has helped me achieve my goals, I also wish to help others. Training has helped me during work, relationships and as a person. I am grateful because this would not be the case if Steve had not helped me to realise my potential in training and what I could achieve if I just focused. I now wish to help others in a similar way because I may not have disclosed everything to Steve but his and Mark’s input to my wellbeing and training have helped me through many difficult times.

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