I turned to Steve as a last resort. The Gastroenterologist had given me antibiotics for urgent, loose stools which led me to lose ten kilos over one year. The antibiotics didn’t work, in fact they could have exacerbated the problem. Coupled with numerous food intolerances, I was desperate., only being able to tolerate five or six foods. Finally , I decided to come back to my native U.K. from Greece, avoid more doctors and visit Steve. My trip was well worth it.

Steve immediately suggested an advanced stool test, the results came back positive for a parasite called Giardia. He treated it with a herbal protocol and supplements. Within three months the parasite had gone. Following that he tackled the food intolerances and I am delighted to say that now eighteen months later, I am so much better, I have put on six kilos, and thankfully, no longer need to worry about where the nearest toilet is. I can go to a restaurant and order almost everything again. Steve’s knowledge and support has been invaluable. The microbiome is a new field of research and discoveries. Steve is keeping on top of this fast moving science and I felt very lucky indeed that he was my “last resort.”

He introduced me to a journey of discovery, not just about my digestive system but also of good gut nutrition. As my microbiome was unbalanced (we learnt this from the analytical test I did) my knowledge about pro and prebiotics increased tremendously. I learnt to value all plants, pulses, fermented foods, coconut oil and avoid, junk food sugar, gluten and dairy. Steve also explained to me patiently about leaky gut, SIBO, gut inflammation and immunity, amongst others. He provided me with food plans, meal ideas and recipes at each stage of my progress, in a very friendly manner. His help was incalculable.

I now feel stronger, being a healthy 56 kilos. I have more energy, sleep better and concentrate easier. My confidence has returned. Meeting Steve was a game changer. I am indebted to him. Thank you Steve. Mille fois.


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