Lauren’s Story


I had a bout of food poisoning when I was abroad and suffered from what I thought was IBS/Food intolerances for the last 22 years after that. I had been through my doctor/hospital/my own reading and diagnosing to no avail, enough was enough as I got to the point where I was ill 4 days out of every week making my life pretty unbearable and unable to do much.

My husband and family agreed I could no longer go on like this and the internet search began for help. Came across Steve Grant Health’s brilliant website and loved that explanations were given to explain their way of working and experience and the holistic approach really appealed to me. As soon as I contacted Fay, I knew I had done the right thing. I was then put in touch with Ben who is amazing, so knowledgable, understanding and completely knows his stuff and puts you at ease. To cut a long story short I’ve just had the first 4 weeks of the last 22 years with no issues/symptoms at all!! I still can’t believe it and long may it continue. Ben assessed my situation, I had tests and began on the recommended supplements that were adjusted after the first month and gave me this outcome.

Don’t suffer any longer people, this is such an easy process with people who genuinely care and understand. The whole process is so simple and being able to chat/update and keep in touch throughout the month is brilliant. I highly recommend and I am only at the start of my life changing journey.

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