Marlow Warrington

Marlow Warrington - Stunt Performer

Marlow Warrington - Stunt Performer

As a stunt performer for film and television, I was also very fortunate to play for the NEC Harlequins and England U-19’s which made me think i had quite a good understanding of nutrition. During filming on Snow White and the Huntsman I was told all about Steve and how this diet was making such a big difference to so many not only physically but especially mentally.

I was immediately interested as i thought i could do with the extra energy boost to help with the long hours and the run of the film. It was amazing to hear just how knowledgeable Steve was. What I thought were unimportant symptoms were major signs of Gluten and Dairy intolerance which were addressed.

It was then that I realised how little I knew about nutrition and how grateful I was to have been put in touch with Steve. After only a couple of weeks the difference was INCREDIBLE, not only was I feeling a lot more energised, my mood had completely changed giving the feeling that nothing was too much to handle and as a bonus I dropped 4kgs of body fat within the 3rd week.

I started the diet at 87kgs with an approx body fat of 14% and am now a much leaner 83kgs with a 10% body fat. If you are after “healthy” fast results and care about your health I honestly don’t have enough good to say about my experience with Steve.

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