Before having my child I was a sportive, fit and healthy person. 2 months after giving birth I experienced extreme pain on my hands and shoulders.

After having done many tests no one knew what I had. I was followed by one of the best rheumatologist in a private hospital who diagnosed me with palindromic rheumatism (which means they don’t know what you have but they put you in a category until new symptoms come out).

The 1st year I had many injections; the 2nd year I went into remission. The 3rd year the disease came back. The 4th year was hell. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was experiencing extreme pain every day. I was living on ibuprofen and strong medication every day. I couldn’t walk to the nearest tube station so I was always at home without seeing the day light, my 4 years old son was dragging me out of bed in the morning, my body was so stiff and painful I could not get dressed on my own or just open a bottle of water…

In January, I have decided, I had enough to follow traditional medicine (with lack of tests, no cure, no hope, lack of interest from specialists, no alternative solution, they just give pills to patients that are damaging their body and health even more).

I decided to stop working on my own business and get back on track. I found out that some people got into remission with the help of functional practitioners; this is where I met Steve. Taking this decision was one of the best choices I have even done in my life.

He asked me to perform some specific test, one being a stool test to assess for any digestive imbalances. Although I was reluctant at first as one of them was quite pricey, I decided to give it a go as it wanted to get answers to my questions (where this disease come from? What’s the cause of my illness? What went wrong after giving birth?). I am glad I did it as the results came back that I had Helicobacter Pylori & Klebsiella infections/overgrowths.

Just after 2 months of natural treatments, the Helicobacter Pylori was eradicated, I heard that people can’t get rid of it for years although they’ve been taking multiple antibiotics at the same time.

Many of my symptoms have gone gradually: constant brain fog, horrendous exhaustion, hives (my whole body was covered with red itchy patches).

He also advised me to cut down on certain foods. I was on Paleo diet at the time for few weeks but I discovered that there is not one diet for people with the same disease as everyone is unique, so people have to be treated individually.

It is a case by case diet that needs to be adapted to each individual that’s the reason why a Functional Medicine Practitioner / nutritionist specialised in gut health is essential as you can’t do the journey on your own.

After few months of diet my RA symptoms have reduced considerably by 70%. I felt great but the pains came back stronger than ever. I was in doubt thinking that maybe Rheumatoid Arthritis was not linked to food sensitivity and gut health issue.

Fortunately Steve is a highly experienced practitioner who does not stop at the first difficulty, he came back with a second thought and he realised that I was becoming reactive to the food that was meant to heal me. We’ve done some more tests (LEAP MRT Mediator Release Test that identifies non-reactive and reactive foods and chemicals), from there I was only eating non-reactive food. I am now on a rotation diet in order to don’t eat too many times the same ingredients to avoid body reactions and at present I am reintroducing one by one new ingredients.

Today my RA symptoms have gone by 90/95%. I found a new senior role in a company and I love my new job, I have unbelievable energy, people think I am 10 years younger than my age, I have no hives or blurry vision symptoms anymore, I sleep well, I do not take painkillers anymore, I don’t have any flare ups, my immune system is getting stronger, I am only taking 2 supplements advised by Steve: Zinc and Vitamins d3. After 5 years of complete inactivity I am now able to bike with my little boy, I am exercising gently and live a normal life full of dreams, hope and happiness.

This is a long journey and my trip is not finished yet. It requires lots of hard work and dedication but I could not have been where I am now without Steve’s expertise, help and support!

He genuinely care about his patients, whatever the health issue I have encountered he was there to find an alternative solution to heal my body to the road of recovery. I know Steve and I have the same goal! Together we will beat RA and get me into remission.

If you are experiencing any health issues, I can’t recommend Steve highly enough!

Thank you xxx

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