For anyone living with and struggling through dietary or digestion issues, I cannot recommend Steve Grant Health highly enough!

If like me, the conventional GP paths have left you with dismissive or inconclusive outcomes for IBS and food intolerance issues, the chance for long-form and in-depth consultations with Steve was a welcome relief! In simple terms, where the NHS/GPs stopped, Steve just get’s started. Particularly on the troubles I suffered with, related to gut health.

Having personally gained a massive quality of life improvement through our consultations, I am won over by the function medicine approach Steve follows. Clear strait forward tests lead the investigations, followed up with effective supplement, diet & lifestyle changes that really help reform your health for the better. I wish I had discovered this as an option much earlier on!

Beyond the specific issues tackled, I have found Steve to provide a really valuable correction in perspective on how modern day life clashes with good health – and how it certainly contributed to the troubles that brought me to Steve in the first place!

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