Olivia - Stunt Performer

Olivia - Stunt Performer

Injuries are a frequent occurency as a stunt performer, but mostly in my love for motocross. In the middle of filming last year I came off my bike breaking multiple bones in my hand.

I had to have an operation to plate and pin most of my hand bones together again. I was told I required 3-4 months of rest and recupertation, which meant I would be out of filming for the remainder of the movie and off my bike for a substantial amount of time.

Steve was able to put together a post operation protocol and fracture recovery nutritrion and supplement plan to speed up the healing. My operation was 5 days after the accident and so I started the healing protocol from Steve a few days before the operation already. When I went in to hospital I already felt good from the eating plan and supplements he had given me and I was AMAZED at how my hand had recovered the next day already when I took the cast and bandages off to have a look. Hardly any swelling or bruising at all.

1 week later I was back at work. The stitches were still raw but my bones felt strong and my movement was already up to about 70%. A couple weeks later o was back to normal. Within 5 weeks after the crash I was back on my bike again.

My injury has now healed completely without any pain or loss of movement at all. If it wasn’t for the huge scars on my hand I would forget I even had the injury!

I appreciate everything Steve did for me, he’s honestly the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever know about the body, health and nutrition. He’s well known in the film industry for helping Stunt Performers and Actors with their body composition for specific roles, but he also plays a tremendous role in the support for sports people and necessary quick recoveries from injuries.

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