Paul Lowe

Paul Lowe - Stunt Performer

Paul Lowe - Stunt Performer

Having trained most of my life and being a stunt man I had a good understanding of exercise but never a good understanding of proper healthy eating and how to manage them both. I was training loads but not loosing weight like I wanted so having heard a lot about Steve from my friends who had been to see him I decided it would be a good idea to see him myself.

He gave me a meal plan and also changed around my training (cutting my gym time by more than half) I found that I was getting results really quickly and seeing good progress. I don’t like the idea of a diet and told Steve that I didn’t want to constantly feel hungry and he assured me if I followed what he gave me then I wouldn’t and I haven’t which is great. 10 months on and I’m still keeping to the plan and I’ve slimmed down a lot, feel healthier for it and in a condition that I wanted to be when I first went to see him so I couldn’t be more pleased. Steve practices what he preaches and is a real friendly guy who is always there for advice and help if you need him. Glad I made the choice to see him and would advice anyone who was interested to see Steve as well.

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