Ross Anderson

Ross Anderson - Hollywood Actor

Ross Anderson - Hollywood Actor

I first met Steve with a goal of whittling down my entire body for a role requiring a real look of emaciation; something that, given my size and short preparation time, I thought was a big ask. The complexities involved, regarding both diet and activity, were to such an extent that I would never have been able to hit my target had I been working alone; and I fear I may have caused my body serious harm had I attempted to do so.

I was both inspired by, and grateful for not only Steve’s unique and thorough skill set, but also the passion and care with which it was applied. The result was a steady, calculated and hands-on approach, altered on a weekly, progressive basis, throughout which I felt extremely safe and supported. Most importantly as an actor, appreciating the importance of physicality, I felt able to focus on my job of creating a character, confident that aesthetically and healthily, I was covered.

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