Sean Upson

Sean Upson

Sean Upson

I started Personal Training with Steve about 18 month’s ago. I have long been into trekking and scrambling but, working in an office as a solicitor all day, I was conscious that I lacked some of the upper body strength needed for some scrambling and climbing. I also had a trip up Kilimanjaro planned which needed lower body strength for a long climb and cardiovascular training for the altitude. Steve designed an all round program which worked on these things and combined it with dietary advice to achieve my goals. When it came to it I found Kilimanjaro relatively easy thanks to Steve’s training.

Spurred on, this year I climbed Mount Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains in the winter. The combination of deep snow, low temperatures and big altitude gains (1500 m in a day) made this a much more challenging endeavour. Thanks again to my on-going personal training with Steve I was able to achieve my goals. Steve’s program fit around my work demands and he provided an encouraging and supportive atmosphere for me. I have no doubt that without Steve’s help I would have been unable to manage my recent treks.

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