When I first came to Steve I was already nearly 2 years into my fat loss mission. I had lost a lot of weight but had become very run down and was doing 5-6 lengthy cardio sessions a week just to maintain. I’d even convinced myself I liked running! I had also developed an unhealthy relationship with food seeing it as the enemy and only looking at it in terms of calories and not nutritional content. Steve spent a long time educating me on nutrition, hormones & recovery and an even longer time weaning me off my beloved cardio and my calorie calculation spreadsheets. To say I was a frustrating client would be somewhat of an understatement. Steve encouraged me to start weight training and helped push me past the early obstacles such as terrible form, weak grip, and being too much of a ninny to go into free weights section of the gym.

Despite everything Steve still helped me to win a body transformation contest but I think we both knew it was time to stop destroying myself for a few % and focus on something more fulfilling. With that in mind I entered a novice strongman competition giving myself and Steve 5 weeks to add 2.5kg to my deadlift 1RM of 97.5kg and be able to rep it out on competition day, and add 5kg to my floor to overhead and be able to do that for reps as well. Not only did we accomplish this but I was able to complete all of the events on the day and more importantly I didn’t come last!

Skip forward 2 years and I have now switched from strongman to powerlifting. 2015 was my first year of competition and I set a divisional record for deadlift at my first event, and qualified for 2 national competitions (All Englands and British Nationals). Luck was on my side at All Englands and I won the event which enabled me to represent England at the Commonwealth Powerlifting championships in Vancouver.

If Steve had not encouraged me to focus on strength rather than cardio I would not be where I am now – loving training, getting strong, and not spending every day hungry and worn down. I achieved a long term goal of 150kg deadlift in Vancouver which means so much more to me than being 15% body fat! Not only that but food and I are friends again which has done wonders for my stress levels. Thanks Steve.

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