Tina Clarke

Tina Clarke

I was four months in to a new exercise regime when I had hit a plateau and a friend mentioned Steve to me at a dinner party and told me he had been seeing Steve and had achieved amazing results and thought I would benefit from his help. Although predominantly weight loss was my goal I told Steve at our first meeting that I had a terrible rash for the last six months on my legs that constantly itched and had caused me to contract celulitouse at its worst. I had been to the doctors several times and been given different creams to try each time that made no difference, even a visit to A and E when it was really bad and had become infected yielded no solution or any idea as to what was causing it. I couldnt sleep and my legs were starting to scar from the constant scrathing.

The first thing Steve said the moment he saw it was something in your gut s causing it. I thought he was barking mad how can what you eat effect the skin on your legs!!? He was so confident and I was so desperate for a “cure” I was willing to give anything ago. So we first tried excluding certain foods which didn’t effect the rash but I lost weight and lowered my body fat yippee!, then after sending some samples of to a laboratory Steve put me on a specific food / supplement programme which I followed for 8 weeks and bingo!

I haven’t itched since its been a revelation and all my friends that thought he was barking mad to even consider the connection between food / gut health and my rash have had to eat there words! I am not only itch free but I’ve lost weight and more importantly more body fat!!! So a win win situation.

It has been and still is an emotional journey for me and more importantly than all steves wonderful knowledge and know how has been his compassion and sensitivity in understanding it isn’t just all about numbers and percentages but reaches to a much deeper level which he just seems to get. My journey continues and I’m very happy to have Steve helping me he has been a great find!

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