• Five Foundations

    Sleep, Eat, Move, Breathe, Repeat

    We strongly believe in optimising the following 5 foundational aspects to good health and performance. For all clients this is a fundamental starting point. These areas cover the foundations of a successful functional medicine approach, but also the foundations of long term health and vitality in general.


Sleep has a profound and often underestimated and underappreciated impact on health and performance.

Poor sleep can contribute to health issues such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and more; not to mention its impact on productivity, mental health and performance.

We review your sleep heath; from your pre-bed routines, quality and duration of sleep, what your sleep environment is like and what your post sleep routines are also like.

We then work with you to find sleep solutions specific to your needs and circumstances.


What we eat has many functions, predominantly its impact on our physiology, but also the role it plays socially and psychologically as well.

With so much information and opinion out there about food it can often be challenging to navigate what is right for you at this moment in time.

We look at your health history, symptoms, current diet and relationship to food and then work with you to create a change that feels right and that you are comfortable with.


Keeping our body moving is crucial; yet finding what is right for you, knowing how much movement you should be doing or even just being able to perform exercise because of health or injury concerns are all considerations.

We help to assess and advise you on movement and where necessary we work with a number of osteopaths, physiotherapists, corrective exercise coaches and personal trainers who can guide you further with an appropriate and graduated exercise program.

When you find movement that is appropriate to you it can become something that is enjoyed, and when we enjoy we tend to repeat.

As with sleeping and nutrition your movement program should be individualised to you to get the best possible results.


Here we look to understand life stressors & relationships (home and work). We review the impact these might be having on the other foundational areas listed above. We also consider the physiological impact these stressors might be having.

We also work with meditation, mindfulness or other mind therapy practitioners to help develop changes and strategies to help unload stress, change how we view stress or improve stress resilience.

On occasions additional therapeutic support is required to help overcome past trauma’s or emotions that might be having an impact on the physical body. Our mind and body are strongly connected, so we must be aware of both body and mind and how they impact one-another.

Five Foundations Repeat Journey


Making temporary change to one’s nutrition and lifestyle is one thing; creating long-term change is something else.

We work with you to understand your goals and values and then work on behavior change coaching to assist you in creating long-term success. In some cases, we bring in the support of a behavior change coach to facilitate making change when it can feel tough or overwhelming.

We strongly believe in our work together as a partnership and not a dictatorship. We guide each other through a journey of improvement and discovery. A journey that is rarely linear but hopefully in the right direction.

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