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    Health Coach in London

    Learn how a health coach can help you achieve your goals.

Why Is Nutrition Important

Why focus on behaviour change?

The journey to optimal health often includes many diet and lifestyle changes. Some will be simple, but some may prove difficult to do on your own. Long term behaviour change isn’t easy and it usually comes with many ups and downs. You cannot rely purely on motivation and willpower, for motivation is fleeting and willpower is a finite resource.

Behaviour change is most likely to be successful when you combine the scientific research with a highly personalised approach. A health coach can help you find what work best for you, to achieve your goals in the easiest, most effective way possible.

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What is a health coach

What is a health coach?

Great health coaches are experts in human motivation, behaviour change and psychology, as well as functional health. They are trained in powerful disciplines such as motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and stages of change. A unique skillset which they use to guide their clients towards their goals and help them make successful, lasting behaviour change.

A health coach is not just another professional that tells you what to do. A health coach empowers you as the expert in your own body, environment, and circumstances. They do not use a cookie cutter approach. Instead, they recognise and celebrate the individuality in each person, and team up alongside you to help you find the solutions that work best for you.

A health coach helps you to create a personalised step-by-step plan, set smart goals, and navigate and overcome obstacles along the way, so you can achieve your goals in an efficient and sustainable way. They offer accountability and support at every stage of your journey. They know change is difficult, that it is not a linear process, and occasionally setbacks happen. They offer you support where you most need it and empower you to view setbacks as learnings and grow from the experience.

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How a health coach can help you achieve your health goals

Health coaches are a great addition to working with a functional medicine practitioner or nutritionist. In our experience 95% people who work with a functional medicine practitioner struggle with implementing some of the prescribed diet and lifestyle changes.

A health coach can help you get the most out of your work with your practitioner by helping you to adopt the lifestyle changes in a way that is easiest, sustainable, and most effective for you.

A health coach does this by helping to:

  • Set realistic and personalised health and wellness goals.
  • Break old habits and build new ones.
  • Discover and navigate obstacles and challenges along the way.
  • Connect you to your why and help develop intrinsic motivation.
  • Discover personal strengths and how to maximise these.
  • Provide extensive support, ongoing touch points and unlimited access every day of the week.
  • Build your confidence in making nutritional and lifestyle changes.
Why Is Nutrition Important

Health coaching also works very well if you’re not working with a practitioner, but you struggle to make certain lifestyle changes by yourself.

Most people know they need to change certain behaviours, but not always succeed in making the change happen by themselves. If this sounds familiar, you might benefit from working with a health coach.

Ultimately, a health coach helps you make the changes that you want to make, to help you achieve the goals that are important to you in the easiest, most sustainable, and effective way possible.

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Health Coach in London

What to expect from working with a health coach?

Step 1. Enquiry

We look over your profile and goals and then send a personal response to your enquiry. Included in that email will be a welcome pack detailing more about how we work, our clinicians, fees etc. At this point we may also recommend the coach you may be best suited to.

Step 2. Discovery call

If you are happy with what you see in the welcome pack and you are keen to learn more before committing to booking in the initial consultation, then we offer a free 10-15min discovery call with the coach you choose.

Step 3. Selecting a Package and Booking your First Session

Once you decide to go ahead with working with a coach, you can select a combined package or a single session of your choice to get started. You will then be sent some material to read before the first call, to help you make the most of the session.

Step 4. The initial session: creating a Wellness Vision and Goalsetting

In your first session with your health coach, you will be creating a health and wellness vision. A wellness vision is your desired end goal, a clear image of what you want to achieve by focusing on your health and wellbeing. It is a description of your ideal place to be when your health and wellbeing are optimised. A wellness vision has been shown to increase intrinsic motivation and lead to higher rates of success when it comes to adopting health promoting habits.

Step 5. Making the Change

In the sessions following the Wellness Vision, you and your coach will discuss each of your goals and make an action plan on how to achieve it. Step by step these sessions will bring you closer to your goals as you will start making changes and seeing results.

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