What You Eat

what you eat quiz resource

If you scored high in the ‘What you eat’ section of the functional medicine then please read this resource as it contains some useful information to help you.

I scored high in the ‘What You Eat’ section, what next?

There are constant mixed messages sent about what you should eat. The mixed messages often lead to confusion and that confusion either leads to no change in habits or neurotic and often dogmatic opinions on what we should be eating.

What you eat does not need to be that challenging. There is room for flexibility in everyone’s diet, but finding what works for you is a bit of an exploration and one that has to be approached with an open mind and an observational eye.

You might not get your diet 100% right from the get-go, in fact you definitely won’t and that is fine. What I can help you do though is provide a balanced view on nutrition to allow you the space to feel more confident and guided in your decisions.

I have no strong opinions on any diet. I treat all my clients as they come. I have learnt over the last 20 years what you eat does not define you and everyone is different. Having said that there are some well-established recommendations that can support the large majority of the population.

In my forthcoming book Sleep, Eat, Move, Breathe, Repeat, it covers my five foundations of optimal health:

  1. Sleep – All things sleep
  2. Eat – How, Why, What & When you eat
  3. Move – Exercise & daily movement
  4. Breathe – Impacts of stress, solutions, mindfulness etc
  5. Repeat – Behaviour change, motivating change, scheduling, long term success

For ‘What You Eat’, I go into detail about:

  • Quality of food
  • Quantity of food
  • Water, Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Phytonutrients
  • Caffeine & Alcohol
  • Organic vs Non-Organic
  • Cooking Methods & Oils for cooking with
  • Different dietary methods for different symptoms, conditions and imbalances
  • Tracking dietary habits
  • And a whole lot more!

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Until my book is released, I wanted to at least provide some initial recommendations and links to useful resources, so you can make some initial changes and improve your overall health score whilst reducing any physical symptoms you might be experiencing.

Useful Articles

Below you will find links to articles from my site. Pick and choose what you think are most relevant to you based upon the areas that you feel require your attention. Perhaps do a food diary first (discussed below) and then decide on the most relevant content for you.

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Keeping a Food Diary

With observation comes change. Sometimes taking the time to observe your habits will actually help you to see the changes that are going to benefit you.

I believe that most people actually have a pretty good idea on what they should be eating already, it’s just that many of us tend not to apply that knowledge or we feel overwhelmed by the changes that we think we need to make.

The simple act of keeping a food diary allows you to better observe your habits. Once you have done this you can pick no more than 1-2 changes that you would like to make. It is typically best to not overhaul your diet unless there is a clear medical or health reason to make a bunch of changes in one go.

Making more gradual changes to your diet will tend to lead to longer term results and for you to not feel overwhelmed and rebound or yo-yo.

Make use of the ‘Sleep, Eat, Move, Breathe, Repeat’ basic template to record your food intake. Do this for around a week then decide on the changes you are going to make.

With a blank food diary, I then want you to write a food intention diary. This is what you want your food diary to look like next time. Continue to repeat this process and assess how this makes you feel, whether it improves your overall health and how well you are able to make the changes that you aim for each week.

Recipe Ideas

We also have a ton of free recipes on the Steve Grant Health website. Feel free to browse the recipes and perhaps you can make some of these recipes part of your food intention diary.

We are also currently working on a 4 seasons cookbook which we will be launching in Dec 2020. This will help you choose seasonal ingredients, lowering your carbon footprint and help you create more rotation in your dietary choices.

1-2-1 Support

I hope you have found this content useful. If you feel that you could benefit from additional support in this area, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the enquiry form below.

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