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Why Is Nutrition Important

Why is nutrition important?

The role of nutrition and how it affects our health and well-being is becoming more and more understood. However as research develops in the area of nutrition it can also create a lot of confusion around the subject and we are often provided mixed messages through the media and even professional bodies.

Even though our knowledge on nutrition has developed, the prevalence of chronic diseases and obesity is on the increase. Some medical journals now believe that we are on the tipping point of history whereby the next generation will live shorter lifespans that the present generation.

It should be noted as well that it is not about creating a long life, but more creating a vibrant and happy life, not just free from disease but free from the nagging daily chronic symptoms that so many people battle with these days.

Georgina - Happy Mum

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done, I genuinely don’t think our daughter would be here if it weren’t for our consultation. In addition, taking control of my nutrition finally made me feel empowered over my body when I was beginning to feel so lost.

Happy Nutritionist Clients

As a nutritionist in London, I have consulted with hundreds of clients to date and so many of them are frustrated with the standard approach to healthcare when it comes to their ongoing chronic health issues. I find most peoples frustrations stem from the management of symptoms relating to:

  • Digestion and digestive health, particularly when diagnosed with IBS
  • Reproduction, hormone balance and sexual health
  • Energy levels
  • Chronic pain such as ongoing joint pain, headaches etc
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Issues relating to mood
  • Frustrations with body composition (weight loss, muscle gain, bone health etc)

Nutrition should be seen as the foundation of any good health improvement plan. Ultimately our diet is what supplies the raw materials and information that allows our body to function at its best.

Ben Wright - Stunt Performer

From the moment I started seeing Steve I was impressed how professional he was and the depth of knowledge that he has. I have and will continue to recommend Steve to friends family and International movie Stars. Thank you Steve.

Nutritionist in London

How I can help you as a nutritionist

My job as nutritionist in london is to not put you on another diet, my role is to educate and support you with your health and nutrition goals. Of course in some instances specialist diets may be of use to help overcome certain symptoms or dysfunctions, however ultimately the long-term habitual changes that you make to your diet are what allow you to really progress with your health and perhaps on-going physique goals.

My initial approach is to run a full review of your current state of health and review your health and medical history. As well as that I will also assess your current nutrition and lifestyle habits before discussing appropriate changes that are most suitable for you. This way I am able to individualise your feedback and the implementation of these changes to give you the best chance of success.

I am particularly proud of the diverse population of clients whom I have helped to achieve results. This was recognised when I won the Complementary and Alternative Health Magazine Award for Outstanding Practice in 2015.

My clients include those with ongoing chronic health issues, performance or specific physique goals, and sometimes a mixture. Read more about my clients and their success stories on my my clients page

If you are interested in working with me to support your goals, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.


Steve has a natural talent for explaining the logic behind all of his suggestions and recommendations, making it that much easier to understand and follow, is completely dedicated and certainly practices what he preaches.

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