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    Nutritionist London

    Learn how a Nutritionist can help you achieve your health and physique goals

Why Is Nutrition Important

Why is nutrition important?

Without doubt, nutrition is a fundamental part of health and can play a considerable role in addressing chronic diseases, body composition, health optimisation, human performance and more.

If you are struggling with symptoms relating to any of the following, then we are here to help you:

  • Ongoing digestive health complaints
  • Weight loss and body composition goals
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Cardiometabolic issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease
  • Musculoskeletal challenges like muscle or joint pain and associated conditions
  • Immune challenges, whether autoimmune or impaired immunity
  • Energy levels, whether physical energy, cognitive function, mood etc.
  • Sleep and stress management issues
  • Confusion around nutrition, perhaps a negative relationship to food and your food habits
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More than just a nutritionists

More than just Nutritionists

Here at Steve Grant Health, we offer experienced Nutritionists, many of which have specialist areas that they work in, but all of whom have an integrative approach to working with their clients due to their Functional Medicine training.

Our practitioners are not only qualified professionals in the field of nutrition, but they have also studied areas such as sleep, movement, stress and behaviour change whilst also doing advanced education on areas such as digestive health, hormonal health, cardiovascular health, immune health and inflammation, musculoskeletal health and more.

This background lends itself to a more inclusive and far-reaching experience beyond just adapting dietary habits. It also means that these practitioners work primarily with the goal of addressing the underlying causes of dysfunction within a model that creates a partnership between the client and the practitioner, focusing on your unique goals and needs.

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Recent Google Reviews

Sarah Meloy

“After suffering from digestive problems since being in my young teens, I finally come across Steve Grant and his team. I now live a life with no pain, and have the tools to control my problems, although I very rarely have any issues anymore, if I do I can pin point why, and deal with it!”

Charlie Townsend

“It is difficult for me to articulate the impact Steve Grant has had on my life. He has singlehandedly transformed my relationship with food and altered my opinion, and truly the reality, of what my body is capable of. Working with Steve was the best decision I’ve ever made and I cannot imagine my life, or career, without his everlasting guidance.”

Panayiota Collier

“Walking into Steve’s office a year ago has turned my life around. I am now eating more variety of food then I could ever imagine with no symptoms at all. The added bonus is a 15kg weight lost, which I have not been able to do for almost 20 years.”

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Empowering you to create lasting change

Empowering you to create lasting change

As Nutritionists in London, we see a lot of clients with lifestyles that often put their nutrition choices and the overall health low down on their list of priorities.

Through our clinical experience and training as nutritionists we focus on establishing clear goals, motivating positive changes and providing ongoing contact, accountability and professional guidance.

Of course, we love to work with the individuals who do exactly what we say but we also believe our role is to understand how we can help to motivate, and support behaviour change in every client that we work with, no matter their circumstances and challenges.

Our goal is to find the right way that works for you so that you can achieve your goals. To do that we have to be knowledgeable enough to know what the right path is to take, but equally know how to communicate in a way that helps you to make the changes required.

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Nutritionist in London

Supporting you all the way

Supporting you all the way

Success in all areas of life is not linear; it has its ups and downs. Successfully changing your diet, lifestyle and health is no different.

In fact, the challenges that we face are the opportunities to learn about the blocking factors that might be preventing improvements or impeding success with your goals.

We aim to work with you to understand those blocks and to support you, offer solutions and then get you back on that upward trajectory towards your goals and better overall health.

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Recent Google Reviews

Kelly Schembri

“Steve Grant Health helped me to address and reverse a health issue I was having (an imbalance of yeast in the gut) which was causing other issues such as water retention and weight gain. I went from feeling helpless to feeling empowered by the choices/changes I was making and seeing. I became the healthiest and happiest version of myself.”

Alexandra Exeter

“By the time I went to see Steve I was suffering from extreme anxiety caused in part by my diagnosis and my hectic lifestyle. I was taking a lot of tablets including anti-depressants for the anxiety and was physically and mentally drained. Fast forward a couple of years and I’m completely off the anti-depressants and I can control my immune system and stress levels with diet and mindfulness.”

Franc Lowe

“After suffering many years of pretty severe anxiety and digestive issues and exhausting the usual channels of treatment, I was recommended Steve Grant Health. The treatment was very effective made up of a series of things all of which collectively have fixed a stubborn long standing problem and improved a few other areas along the way.”

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What to Expect from working with a Steve Grant Health Nutritionist

To help you understand more about how we work, here is a summary of the process from enquiry to consultations. You can get more details by enquiring through the form at the end of this page and we can send a welcome pack out to you.

Step 1 - Enquiry

We look over your profile and goals and then send a personal response to your enquiry. Included in that email will be a welcome pack detailing more about how we work, our clinicians, fee’s etc. At this point we may also recommend the practitioner you may be best suited to.

Step 2 – Optional Discovery Call

If you are happy with what you see in the welcome pack and you are keen to learn more before committing to booking in the initial consultation, then we offer a free 10-15min discovery call with your recommended practitioner.

Step 3 – Booking a consultation and pre-consultation requirements

Once you decide to go ahead with the initial consultation; our admin team will send out a link to an online health assessment questionnaire and terms of engagement. You will also be asked to complete a basic food diary prior to the session, and you can send any additional information such as past test results.

Step 4 – The initial consultation & the ongoing process

Your completed forms and notes will be reviewed prior to your session so you are able to focus on engaging in conversation.

The initial consultation will broadly cover your health, medical and to some degree your life history, some symptom analysis, body composition analysis (if required) as well as reviewing current nutrition and lifestyle habits.

You then spend time discussing what might be going on, a proposed strategy to help you achieve your goals, any testing to help guide the process and then agreeing upon some initial nutrition and lifestyle goals and the practicalities of making those changes.

We will also then discuss your future support, such as coaching calls and future sessions. All our clinicians offer post consultation support.

We hope to be able to support you with your nutrition and wider health and performance goals.

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Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

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Due to COVID-19, consultations within the clinic are offered following specific health and safety procedures. We also offer online consultations for those unable to or those who would prefer not to come to the clinic at this time.

To learn more out how Steve Grant Health can assist you on your journey, please fill out the enquiry form below.

If you have been referred by a clinician, please complete the form and ensure that you state who has referred you or have your practitioner email us directly to make a referral that way.

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