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    Learn more about the Steve Grant Health referral service.

What is the Steve Grant Health Referral Service?

The demand for Nutrition and Functional Medicine Services has grown exponentially over recent years as people look for healthcare that helps to establish and address underlying causes whilst using the most natural means available. Your health is unquestionably your most valuable asset, so finding the right practitioner to work with is arguably the most important part of the process.

The Steve Grant Health referral network exists to help service a wider range of enquiries and ensure that we can allocate the right specilist to each and every client. Our referral network is a group of practitioners that are either very experienced functional medicine practitioners, practitioners working with niche conditions and populations or practitioners that have direct clinical support or are being mentored by Steve.

How the referral process works

You complete the enquiry form with details about your current goals and the areas of your health you would like to focus on. Steve will oversee all enquiries to ensure that the right practitioner is recommended and we then make a direct introduction to the practitioner to get you booked in for a consultation.

Many of our practitioners also offer a complementary call so that you can get to know them and feel comfortable with who you are about to work with. If for any reason you would prefer to work with someone else, then you can contact us again and we can make further recommendations.

Contact Steve Grant Health

Due to COVID-19, consultations within the clinic are offered following specific health and safety procedures. We also offer online consultations for those unable to or those who would prefer not to come to the clinic at this time.

To learn more out how Steve Grant Health can assist you on your journey, please fill out the enquiry form below.

Please note that depending on your specific circumstances and goals, Steve may recommend that you work with one of the specialist practitioners within his network of trusted professionals.

If you have been referred by a clinician, please complete the form and ensure that you state who has referred you or have your practitioner email Steve direct to make a referral that way.

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