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    Retreats to inspire behaviour change and improve health.

Sgh Retreat Intro

Here at Steve Grant Health we believe in the power of immersing yourself in a retreat experience to help support and inspire behaviour change and therefore improve health. This can range from 1-2 day retreats in your own home or holiday home, at our partner location in the Cotswolds or in Menorca.

We have partnered up with Health Professionals that we already work with supporting clients on a 1-2-1 basis. Please selected from the below options to learn more about the retreats and collaborations that we offer.

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Home & Holiday Retreat

Home Holiday Retreat 1

The home retreat experience gives you the opportunity to build a personalised retreat in your own home or holiday home location.

We work with you to create a retreat theme and experience, providing access to some of the most amazing practitioners to deliver the retreat.

This means you can have access to nutritionists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, mindfulness and meditation practitioners, cranial sacral therapy, massage and more. Our retreats are very much focused on restoration, relaxation and a learning experience so you can take what you have learnt and implement it moving forward. We have always been about getting lasting results with our clients and it is no different in the retreat experiences that we offer, where we also provide post retreat support as well.

Home Holiday Retreat 2

The joy of home and holiday home retreats is that we get to work with you in an environment you are familiar with. This really helps to create changes in behaviour and habits that can last longer than if you do a retreat away from your typical environment.

These retreats are created Bespoke for you, so if you would like to register your interest in a home or holiday home retreat then please fill out the contact form below.

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Cotswolds Retreat

Cotswolds Retreat 1

We’re delighted to offer the Rest-Restore-Integrate retreat run by my colleagues David Behrens and Katja Behrens.

Step into the healing atmosphere of a one or two day guided retreat in the beauty of the Cotswold’s. A tranquil residential retreat setting amongst 10 acres of forest, hills and beautiful views of the Stroud Valley. See video link below of Hawkwood retreat venue.

Cotswolds Retreat 2

Experience the power of the ancient tradition of retreat to provide deep relaxation, bring you back to a calm centre, and give you the tools to create rest, balance and wholeness in the midst of busy daily life.

In this retreat, you’ll be guided to see how all the parts of your healing journey fit together as an integrated whole, so that, with a renewed perspective, you can envision greater health and creative new beginnings.

In this retreat, you will:

Learn and experience mindfulness meditation – including walking meditation, breath-focused meditation, meditation that energizes, and meditation that promotes relaxation – and experience the power of your own mind to bring you equipoise and resilience in the midst of life’s fluctuations and daily activities.

Receive a CranioSacral treatment – CranioSacral therapy, a gentle and deeply restful form of bodywork, helps the physical body to release tensions, traumas and restrictions it has been holding, enhancing the potential for healing and integration at all levels, and restoring health and vitality.

Practice tools of reflection that help you see the bigger picture and integrate the key pieces of your healing journey into a sense of spaciousness, deeper understanding and self-compassion.

Lovely nature walks to reconnect to the sacred beauty of nature, amongst ancient trees, natural springs and gentle hills.

Eating with mindfulness – learn the skill of eating with awareness and gratitude through the principles of Ayurveda – Ancient Medicine of India to receive optimal nourishment, enjoyment, and the subtle life force from food.

Retreat David

David Behrens has been teaching mindfulness and meditation for over 40 years. He works with psychologists, psychiatrists and prominent agencies around London to offer mindfulness programmes for mental and emotional health, stress management and resilience, and freedom from addictive behaviors. He brings the expertise and experience of his 27 years as a practicing monk of the Eastern traditions.

Retreat Katja

Katja Behrens is a CranioSacral Therapist, in practice for 20 years; she is also a physiotherapist, homeopath and long-time meditator, known for the compassion and intuition she brings to her healing work.

Menorcan Retreat (2021 date TBC)

Menorcan Retreat 1

Our Menorcan Retreat provides the opportunity to experience the beautiful island of Menorca whilst engaging in health promoting and restorative activities run by our good friends and colleagues Tom, Jess and Angie who live on this beautiful island.

Between Tom, Jess and Angie you have a team of Nutritional Therapists, Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers and healthy eating cooks. They can also add additional therapies and we have the option to have Steve, Fay and more of our core practitioners to come out and assist with the Retreat as well.

Menorcan Retreat 2

Going on a Menorcan Retreat like this gives you an opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded people, fuelled with delicious (locally sourced) food, on an island of incredible natural beauty, where you feel safe to examine the patterns that are guiding your life and either empowering of hurting you.

The goal is for you leave feeling inspired, fitter and healthier, but also for you to have the tools to help you to create lasting change.

Menorcan Retreat 3

The Retreats are open to individuals looking to attend by themselves, as well as group and corporate bookings.

Here at Steve Grant Health, we are also looking to combine forces with the team at Menorcan Retreats to offer the annual SEMBR (Sleep, Eat, Move, Breathe, Repeat) Retreat experience.

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