Lp (a) And Cardiovascualr Health 1

Lipoprotein (a): What is it and how does it impact cardiovascular health?

When it comes to cardiovascular health, many of us will be familiar with names like LDL and HDL cholesterol and even perhaps triglycerides, for those with a stronger interest in this subject. However, there is one important molecule that very...

ApoB Image 3

What is Apolipoprotein B (ApoB)? Why ApoB is more important to assess than just cholesterol

When it comes to understanding fats (cholesterol in particular), we have grown more and more uncertain around how cholesterol influences heart attacks and strokes. We’re none the wiser when it comes to understanding our ‘good’ cholesterol vs ‘bad’ cholesterol and...

Pancreatic Elastase 2

How to increase faecal pancreatic elastase naturally

In this article we dive into a common stool test marker, pancreatic elastase. Firstly, we explore what pancreatic elastase is, typically reference ranges for pancreatic elastase on a stool test and how our team of Nutritionists and Functional Medicine Practitioners...

Lower Blood Triglycerides 1

Natural ways to lower your triglyceride levels

Have you been told you have high triglyceride levels? Perhaps you want to know what caused it and what you can do to lower your triglycerides. In this article we take a deep dive into what triglycerides are, there relevance...

Cardiovascular Blood Testing 2

The best functional medicine blood tests for cardiovascular risk

In this article we look at some common and some less common cardiovascular risk blood test markers that we use in our functional medicine clinic. We discuss what these markers are and provide typical ranges to aim for to help...

what is endometriosis what can be done image

A Functional Medicine approach to Endometriosis

In this article we take a look at the traditional symptoms associated with endometriosis, how it can develop, risk factors and the conventional approach to treatment. Following on from that we then looks at nutrition and lifestyle considerations, potential use...

functional medicine approach to cryptosporidium crypto image

A functional medicine approach to Cryptosporidium (Crypto)

In this article we are going to overview the parasitic infection known as cryptosporidium (aka crypto) and take a look at how functional medicine can be used to address it.

can natural medicine play a role in cancer treatment image

Can natural medicine play a role in cancer treatment?

In recent months I have been asked my opinion on the role that nutrition and natural medicine can have on cancer treatment. As nutritionists we often find ourselves in a position of trying to help prevent disease, but on occasions...

how to prevent getting ill after flying image

Flying Considerations: How to prevent getting ill after flying

There are many possible causes of the increased risk of illness after flying, and in this article we are going to investigate the possible causes, dispel some myths and also give you some hints as to what you can do...

diaphragmatic breathing image

A Basic Guide to Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing, often referred to as deep breathing, plays a pivotal role in supporting and enhancing the functionality of our nervous system. This technique, which involves deep, rhythmic breaths from the diaphragm, encourages full oxygen exchange — the beneficial trade...

lifestyle medicine and chronic disease image

Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease

Working as a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, I am able to work with my clients on a number of different levels. I work on every single aspect of their lifestyle to elicit the most optimal change in their health,...

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