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3 Evening Routine Habits to Help Improve Sleep Health

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Sleep is one of the most important areas of health that is often forgotten about. Poor sleep can lead to lower libido, increased risk of many chronic diseases, impairs attention and alertness, increases the risk of depression, can mess up your immune system, ages your skin, increases your risk of fat gain and can draw a fat loss programme to a holt.

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Are you happy being normal?

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So your doctor has told you that your blood tests are normal, however you are still suffering from low energy, poor digestion, irregular sleep and your skin and hair just does not seem to be as healthy as it used to be.

Sound familiar? Are these symptoms in your head? That is what the doctor tried to have me believe a number of years back when I was feeling low in energy and suffering with a number of digestive issues, and this is what I hear almost every day in practice.

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Do you believe in miracles?

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Expecting miracle tests, miracle pills, and miracle practitioners to get to the bottom of your symptoms without making appropriate change to the way you live your life is misguided. Of course this is not all your fault, marketing of products and practitioners who would have you believe that these miracle pills, powders, potions and practitioners exist.

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Do you really need another pair of shoes?

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We all put a different value on things in our life. Some things we will happily spend money and time on without a seconds thought. Our highest values change as we go through life and what we are prepared to spend our money and time on change with it. Back when I was at university for example, my only concerns were beers and books. As long as I had enough money for those things – all was peachy in my life.

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Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease

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Working as a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, I am able to work with my clients on a number of different levels. I work on every single aspect of their lifestyle to elicit the most optimal change in their health, we look at sleep, stress, digestive health, immune, energy levels, blood sugar regulation, exercise to name a few. Most my clients are for fat loss, however my view is fat loss should be a side effect of improved health, this is why few of my clients will lose lean tissue when reducing their body fat levels and their health and energy levels improve.

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