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Are you using foods to self-sooth?

In this article we look at emotional eating, how to raise awareness and some tactics to help you overcome emotional eating habits that often lead to yo-yo type dieting and an inability to achieve your health and physique goals.

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Improving your mood naturally: 7 ways to boost serotonin

Did you know that your mood can be significantly affected by levels of serotonin in the body? We suggest 7 natural methods for boosting this important neurotransmitter.

how to prevent getting ill after flying image

Flying Considerations: How to prevent getting ill after flying

There are many possible causes of the increased risk of illness after flying, and in this article we are going to investigate the possible causes, dispel some myths and also give you some hints as to what you can do...

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Why and how to keep a gratitude diary

Whilst a gratitude diary is a very ‘American’ type of activity that us Brits generally laugh at, it is certainly an effective way of changing mind set before bed, reducing stress hormones and encouraging a good night’s sleep.

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A Basic Guide to Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing, often referred to as deep breathing, plays a pivotal role in supporting and enhancing the functionality of our nervous system. This technique, which involves deep, rhythmic breaths from the diaphragm, encourages full oxygen exchange — the beneficial trade...

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10 Tips for beginners on meditation

Meditation when first starting out can seem challenging. We live our lives at 100mph and to take time out of our hectic schedules to sit and be in the present even just for 5-10mins can seem like the most demanding...

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3 Evening Routine Habits to Help Improve Sleep Health

Sleep is one of the most important areas of health that is often forgotten about. Poor sleep can lead to lower libido, increased risk of many chronic diseases, impairs attention and alertness, increases the risk of depression, can mess up...

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Lifestyle Medicine and Chronic Disease

Working as a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, I am able to work with my clients on a number of different levels. I work on every single aspect of their lifestyle to elicit the most optimal change in their health,...

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