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The art of failing well

Most of us start our journey of health with massive ambitions. You feel energized, motivated and ready to turn your diet on its head, or rather, on its feet. You clear all the crisps, sweets and treats from your cupboard,...

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How coaching will help you reach your nutrition & health goals

In the following article, I’d like to discuss the role of coaching and its ability to support your nutrition program and health journey. Many clients start come to see us at Steve Grant Health with a lot of enthusiasm, only...

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Are you using foods to self-sooth?

In this article we look at emotional eating, how to raise awareness and some tactics to help you overcome emotional eating habits that often lead to yo-yo type dieting and an inability to achieve your health and physique goals.

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The Importance of Mindful Eating

In this article we look at what mindful eating is and what you can do improve how you eat and the process of mindful eating.

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Honoring your cephalic response: The practice of mindful eating

Your cephalic response occurs when we see, smell, think or taste food. It is a primal response that stimulates the limbic system in the brain before it then stimulates the vagus nerve that goes on to stimulate the production of...

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A journey through the digestive system – Step 2 The Mouth

As you would have seen from my previous article digestion actually begins in the brain and I gave some simple steps that might allow you to improve this starting point of digestion.

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A journey through the digestive system – Step 1 The Brain

There are many considerations when it comes to optimising digestion, but first of all we must understand the journey that our food takes to get broken down into its simply molecular form such as amino acids, fatty acids and glucose.

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Why and how to keep a gratitude diary

Whilst a gratitude diary is a very ‘American’ type of activity that us Brits generally laugh at, it is certainly an effective way of changing mind set before bed, reducing stress hormones and encouraging a good night’s sleep.

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The psychology of change

Before determining the in’s and outs of healthy nutrition one crucial area that must be talked about is the psychology of change. Understanding why we want to make change and forming relationships between the new habits and our current highest...

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