Dr Gayetri

dr gayetri

My Specialist Areas

  • Female Health
  • Digestive Health
  • Autoimmunity
  • Energy & Fatigue

Consultations Available

  • Marylebone, London
  • By video / phone

About Dr Gayetri

Dr Gayetri joins Steve Grant Health as a lead associate Functional Medicine Doctor.

After suffering her own health issues, Dr Gayetri turned to Functional Medicine as a way to regain her own health. She has now gone on to support hundreds of individuals across a whole spectrum of health challenges, including, women’s health issues (including PCOS, sub fertility, menopause, hormonal imbalance), male health (prostate issues), digestive health, diabetes, autoimmunity, fatigue and more.

Dr Gayetri combines her 11 years’ experience as a GP with extensive training and experience using a Functional Medicine approach with her clients.

Many people have become frustrated by conventional approaches to chronic health issues and one of Dr Gayetri’s passions is to help those individuals find the answers they deserve through her 1-2-1 consultations and Functional Medicine Programs.

Using a Functional Medicine approach with her clients allows Dr Gayetri insight into all areas of their life and therefore what may be influencing their health. Her conventional background also allows for quick assessment of red flags that may require referral. In additional to this, Dr Gayatri utilises more expansive functional assessments to help uncover the underlying causes of how you feel and then combine her experience and knowledge in both conventional and functional medicine to create your unique program and support.

Dr Gayetri is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, General Medical Council, British Medical Association, Royal College of General Practitioners and is also a member of the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare.

Being an associate practitioner with Steve Grant Health means that Dr Gayatri works out of our clinic and retains her own packages and pricing structure, which can be found in the Welcome Pack upon enquiry for 1-2-1 services. All clinicians working out of the Steve Grant Heath Clinic are part of our team whether Steve Grant Health Clinicians or Associate Clinicians working more independently and we feel very proud to have Dr Gayetri on board working with us.

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