• Test, Target & Track

    Test, Target & Track

    Testing allows us to take your care to another level of individualisation and optimisation.

Lab Testing London

Testing can feature at different points of your health journey; from establishing baseline levels before foundational changes, to guiding specific therapeutic interventions such as specialised diets to supplement considerations and helping determine if you need to be referred out to a specialist or your Doctor.

Testing also helps to track the success of specific protocols and long-term nutrition and lifestyle changes.

We work with a variety of testing companies in the UK, US and Europe. The testing that we are able to offer includes, blood chemistry analysis, stool testing, SIBO breath testing, detailed nutrient analysis, metabolic analysis, hormone testing and more.

As a general rule we run initial consultations first and where required focus on our five foundation areas of health. In some cases, we may use testing in the early stages to help overcome plateau’s or to determine specific imbalances and deficiencies.

My role as a nutritionist & functional medicine practitioner is not to diagnose you with a condition or disease, but instead to understand you, your environment and what impact that might be having on your physiology and imbalances that might be present.

Instead of focusing on the end goal being a diagnosis, we focus on the root causes, hence the emphasis on our five foundation areas of health – Sleep, Eat, Move, Breathe & Repeat.

Lab Testing London

Testing allows us to take your care to another level of individualisation and optimisation, however we are mindful not to abuse and overuse functional lab testing, especially when foundational areas require attention.

What we offer from a functional lab test point of view is not a replacement for the testing and support you get with your own Doctor or specialist. Instead we look to offer testing that is perhaps unavailable through your GP or specialist, or is perhaps more unique to the role that we play as Nutrition and Functional Medicine Practitioners.

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