Are your digestive health issues at the root of other health challenges that you are facing?

Embark on a journey to digestive wellness with our expertly designed program, created for those seeking relief from chronic digestive complaints. We are here to help you bring your digestive system back into balance.

Your Digestive Health Program Includes:

Regular 1 2 1 Consultations

Unlimited 1-2-1 Consultation Time

We schedule any required consultations throughout your program, ensuring you have the guidance and direction you need to reach your digestive health goals.

Practitioner In Your Pocket

Practitioner in your Pocket

Stay connected and supported with instant messaging and email support throughout your program.

Personalised Nutrition

Personalised Nutrition

Personalised nutrition guidance and plans associated to your goals. We work with you to find changes that work with your personal circumstances.

Sleep And Stress Management Support

Sleep & Stress Management Support

We’ll help you optimise your sleep and manage your stress, so you feel more balanced and able to achieve your health goals.

Movement And Exercise Guidance

Movement and Exercise Guidance

Our practitioners are skilled in their ability to assess and advise on movement strategies and exercise programming that may aid digestive function.

Supplement Programming

Supplement programming

Let us overview your nutritional supplements and prescribe a personalised supplement protocol to suit your needs.

Lab Testing And Interpretation

Lab Testing & Interpretation

Our clinicians are on hand to recommend appropriate lab tests and interpret any lab test data you have.

Seamless Administration Support

Seamless Administration Support

Focus solely on your health while we handle the logistics, ordering any recommended tests and supplements for you, providing discounted rates on external services and products where possible.

Your Commitment Rewarded

4-Month Program

From £1200

Paid Monthly

From £400

*All prices are subject to VAT

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