Let’s first think of your health like a car journey

The first thing you need to know is where you are trying to get to. Our initial consultation is the planning of where you want to get to and how you are going to get there.

Whilst we may be able to help plan the most direct route for you, there are often challenges along the way that require support. Therefore, we are going to jump in your hypothetical car and come on the ride with you. If there is a breakdown, an accident, roadworks, a diversion, roads you don’t like driving on, we are there co-piloting you towards your destination.

If the destination is not far away, you may only need us for a short time, and hopefully there won’t be many challenges along the way. However, if the destination seems far, then perhaps it is going to be a longer and slightly more challenging journey with variables not yet known.

The reason we use this analogy is because the initial consultation needs to be seen as part of something much bigger. Transforming our health and importantly our habits and behaviours is no easy task and going on that journey alone can be challenging, frustrating and filled with confusion. We are here to help and maybe even make the journey interesting and enjoyable.

The Start Or Your Journey

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What our initial consultations include

Steve Grant Consulting With A Client

Our initial consultations involve a full Functional Medicine style assessment. We look in detail at your goals, symptoms, health history, family history, past testing, nutrition and lifestyle habits and more.

We create a treatment roadmap and develop some initial recommendations for you.

You will receive a report with any relevant and useful handouts to help you create the initial changes required. In addition, we make testing and supplement recommendations to further support your goals and perform in-house testing for those attending their initial consultations at one of our clinics.

At the end of your initial consultation package or initial consultation, we will discuss required ongoing support. Options are typically one of our support programs or sessions on an ad hoc basis, with session frequency discussed with you and guided by your practitioner.

Initial Consultation (Package & Individual Session)

A popular choice for people working with us is to do an initial consultation package. This is a month that includes the initial consultation, a coaching call and first follow up consultation with email and instant messaging support for that month.

This allows us to build a better picture of who you are and the challenges you are facing. This initial phase often involves some level of tracking and may also involve some initial testing.

The initial consultation package gives us ample contact to discuss initial challenges and observations. It allows us to become clear on what we are working with, defining the goals with clarity, and planning the journey with more accuracy.

Alternatively, you can choose to do the initial consultation as a standalone appointment. Please note that the ‘initial consultation only’ covers you for the consultation, post consultation report and 7days of email support for any initial questions you might have.

Initial Consultation

Book your initial consultation or free discovery call with one of our practitioners!

Follow Up Consultations

Our follow up consultations can be pre-booked in for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

For these sessions, you can always book in 60 minutes and if you only use 30 minutes, that is no problem as you are invoiced following the session.

All follow up consultations come with a post consultation written report and we take time prior to the consultation to review any previous session notes, test results or changes in circumstances since the previous session. We also provide up to 7days email support for any questions once you have received your report.

Jane Consulting With A Client

Coaching Calls

Coaching call sessions are available for a minimum of 15 minutes. These sessions do not come with post consultation reports. You are free to take notes and your practitioner may provide some basic notes following the call by email.

We typically use coaching call sessions for quick client check ins with minor adaptions as well as mentoring support for other health practitioners.

If you are looking to book a follow up consultation or coaching call, please get in touch with your practitioner directly or with our admin support to arrange this.

Book your initial consultation or free discovery call with one of our practitioners!