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This digestive health test is very much targeted at those with chronic digestive complaints how have perhaps undergone basic stool test screening already to no avail.

The assessment is carried out via an at home stool test analysis. We order and have the digestive health test kit sent to you and you send directly back after following the sample and postage instructions provided to you by the lab.

As with all our test packages, we include a recorded video interpretation or written report discussing your results to help you navigate the data provided. You then also have the option of booking in a 1-2-1 consultation with one of our practitioners if you want to dive a little deeper and establish nutrition and lifestyle interventions to improve your results.

Individualised Lab Test Recommendations

Samples required


Approximate Results Turnaround Time

15 Working Days

Sample Report

Pre-Test instructions

Test Biomarkers

  • Beta Defensin 2
  • Secretory IgA

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