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Learn how Functional Medicine and our team can help you with your health goals.

Functional Medicine is a patient centred approach, where the patient and the practitioner work together to develop a plan of action that is individualised to your own needs and capabilities.

A Functional Medicine Practitioner appreciates the connection between all systems in the body, choices, and our environment. Rather than treating that one area or one symptom, the idea is that you understand about the person as a whole and work from there.

Functional Medicine Practitioners consider the impacts of nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, psychology, physiology, our individuality, our history, traumas, and current environments. It then uses science-based approaches to facilitate investigations, treatment and support strategies to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Functional Medicine is about treating the person, not the disease.

Initial Consultation

The Steve Grant Health Functional Medicine Approach

Steve Grant leads the Functional Medicine team and was one of the first clinicians in the UK to incorporate a Functional Medicine approach into his clinical practice. He has since gone on to win ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine Outstanding Practice’ awards.

Our team consists of a group of fantastic Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine Practitioners, all with their own specialist areas. In addition, we have our associate clinicians, who are on hand to lend assistance in areas such as stress management, trauma therapy, coaching, mindfulness, and breath work.

For new clients working with us, we have support packages that include unlimited consultation support, instant messaging and email support, administration and logistic support and personalised nutrition and lifestyle interventions adapting to your unique and changing circumstances.

We want you to feel fully supported and reduce the overwhelm that can often come when embarking on a health optimisation journey.

Everyones journey is unique and therefore how long it takes for you to achieve your goals will vary. However, know that putting one of our Functional Medicine practitioners alongside you makes achieving your goals more of a reality and a process that you can enjoy rather than fear.

Functional Medicine is about creating a therapeutic partnership that develops over time. As we learn more about you, we are better positioned to personalise the recommendations and support that you require to meet your goals. Doing this allows us to focus on the underlying causes and layering in interventions so that you can achieve your goals.

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Functional Medicine Pillars for success

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Steve Grant’s Journey into Functional Medicine

Back in 2008-2010 Steve was suffering with some health challenges of his own. Even with his experience working as a health professional then, he was dealing with several chronic symptoms. These symptoms included, incredibly low morning energy and energy fluctuations through the day, digestive symptoms, erratic mood and behaviour, low sex drive and a need to sleep in the day to name a few.

He had consulted with his doctor on several occasions and unfortunately nothing was identified, and he was told his symptoms must be in his head. On reflection, the investigations that took place were limited at best.

During this time, Steve went to see a Functional Medicine Practitioner speak at the Royal Society of Medicine. He then approached the speaker about working with him as a client.

Utilising the principles of Functional Medicine and adding some targeted lab tests, Steve was able to overcome two chronic bacterial infections that had been causing several hormonal and digestive imbalances. Within 3 months, Steve was feeling 50-75% improvement and within 6-12 months a complete resolution of past symptoms that had been ongoing for over 2 years.

This personal experience motivated Steve to incorporate this into his practice. He went on to be mentored by that practitioner for 2 years and then travelled regularly to the US to study with the Institute for Functional Medicine, attend regular conferences in the UK and online and studied with Functional Medicine University.

Testimonial Stars

“With Danny’s mentorship and know how I have been able to lose close to 9kg of weight with 75% of that being fat. My energy levels haven’t dropped and I have found the hunger and desire to get back into playing football at a high standard.”

Testimonial Stars

“I have been wandering from doctor to doctor for many years until I found Steve who immediately earned my trust. With his structured and holistic approach, Steve went to the root of the problem instead of merely trying to cover it by superficially treating the symptoms – which was the case with all other doctors previously.”

Testimonial Stars

“Choosing Steve as my health practitioner was an easy choice. From the beginning, I immediately felt comfortable with him as he listened attentively to my health issues. Steve's approach to health is very pragmatic, and he really delves into the root cause of the issues.”

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