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The latest research shows us that around 64% of the UK population is overweight with around 24% of the population classified as obese. Unfortunately the prevalence of obesity is on the increase and standard approaches to tackling this epidemic show little benefit, especially in the long term.

Everybody has different challenges when it comes to weight loss. This is often why standard recommendations and generic protocols do little other than offer a short-term solution. When it comes to achieving successful weight loss over a long period, it requires a much more individualised approach.

Long-term success with weight loss are often limited by a number of factors including:

  • Nutrition Habits
  • Movement Habits
  • Mindset & Psychology
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment
  • Physiology
  • Genetics

To optimise weight loss and body composition, all of these factors must be considered and this is why nutrition and lifestyle programming and advice must be individualised to meet the needs of that one individual.

We all have different lifestyles and challenges and to be successful in your weight loss efforts it is crucial that you make choices that are realistic to your circumstances.

In the first 5 weeks I lost 5.6% body fat and dropped 10kg in body weight. By the 6 month mark I had lowered my body fat by 13% and reduced my bodyweight by almost 30kg.

Individualising your weight loss program

Observation and Assessment

One of the most important steps is to first observe what you are currently doing. Don’t just jump into another diet and continue what you have been doing. Instead, record it and then sit down with a professional such as myself to discuss your current nutrition and lifestyle habits along with your health and medical history.

This simple step allows us to analyse what aspects of your nutrition and lifestyle we may want to adapt, the most important aspect to address first, and also to understand why your current habits are occurring.

Value Determination

A crucial part of the weight loss journey is to understand what your particular motivations are. We all have different motivations and values that drive our behaviors, yet little time is spent on linking how weight loss might improve your life and support other aspects of your life that you value highly.

By understanding what makes you tick I am better able to link your weight loss goals with what you love the most and therefore increasing intrinsic motivation. It helps to encourage making changes because you want to, and because you value the impact they will have on other areas of your life.

SMART Goal Setting

Establishing some high quality goals that are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based is crucial.

Setting your outcome goals is an important step as these look at the future and what you want to achieve. Behavior goals on the other hand represent that changes that need to be put in place in order for you to achieve your outcome goals. These are the things you have 100% control over.

At my heaviest in April 2010 I was 88.3kg and by the summer 2010 I had dropped to 81.9kg and put on over 6kg of muscle mass. In total I lost 12.4kg of just fat that’s 27lbs and as a consequence had a physique that I felt happy with.

Weight Loss Specialist London

The influence of Functional Medicine on weight loss

Functional Medicine is a technique that has allowed me to gain a deep appreciation for how all of the systems in the body are interconnected and that any type of health or body composition issue is not just because of one specific issue.

Changes in weight can be strongly influenced by many systems in our body, in particular the health and function of our digestive system, immune, neurological and hormonal systems.

Because I have an appreciation of how these systems function, their effect on how our body functions and how we think, it enables me to support and optimise the functions of all these systems in order to help your overall weight loss journey.

Functional Medicine enables me to utilise lab testing and symptoms analysis to determine underlying physiological blocks to fat loss and to individualise my recommendations much more.

What is a healthy weight loss?

Firstly, I don’t particularly like the term weight loss. I believe it creates a lot of negative emotions in individuals partaking on a change in their nutrition and lifestyle, and it can also promote an obsession with the weighing scales. I believe in looking at the following areas to determine if our program together is successful:

1. Is your nutrition and lifestyle plan supporting your health?

First and foremost, health should not be sacrificed when looking to lower your body fat. Unfortunately so many crash diets these days result in depletion of nutrients and overtime can result in physiological dysfunctions. Any change in your nutrition and lifestyle plan should leave you feeling healthier and hopefully happier as well.

2. Is your nutrition and lifestyle plan improving body composition?

I prefer the term improving body composition instead of focusing on weight loss. Body composition looks at the whole composition of your body, thus making you aware of your fat levels as well as lean mass (water, bone, muscle etc).

Unfortunately some diet plans result in reductions in muscle tissue which can lead to reductions in your metabolism. Some diets can also have negative effects on bone mineral density as well, resulting in weaker more brittle bones. A health nutrition and lifestyle plan aims to optimise levels of fat, muscle and bone together.

3. Is your nutrition plan supporting your performance?

You don’t have to be an athlete to notice how nutrition can impact your performance. For you it could be your performance at work, in the gym, or at home with your family. Performance tells us a lot about your physiology. Whenever you feel low or are finding your performance is suffering, your motivation and desire to continue with the recommendations will diminish.

4. Is your nutrition plan sustainable?

When it comes to longer-term changes in one’s body composition, your nutrition plan has to feel like it is sustainable and something that can be implemented into your lifestyle as a habit and not just a fad.

In just 12 weeks HL was able to lower his body fat by around 10%, whilst holding his lean tissue. As an actor HL want to avoid gaining lean tissue and over the 12 weeks we were able to keep his lean tissue gain within 1kg of what it was when we started.

Working with me to achieve your weight loss goals

I have been helping clients to loose weight for over ten years now. My success has lead to employment in the film industry across dozens of films and I have also been employed to optimise the body composition of athletes to help improve their athletic performance. The majority of my work however, is with average, everyday people in my clinics in and around London.

I have helped numerous clients succeed in significant weight loss journeys that involve losses of over 20-30 kg in body fat over the space of 1-2 years or more. I actually find such longer term journeys more rewarding as they allow me to teach my clients about the impact of nutrition and lifestyle habits on their physiology. This not only helps them, but also helps those closest to them as well.

Your weight loss journey will start with pre-consultation forms for you to fill in, followed by a more detailed assessment of your nutrition, lifestyle, health and medical history during a consultation. We’ll discuss your desired outcome goals and set specific behaviour goals to help get you where you want to be.

Initially I encourage regular contact time as we start to implement the most important changes and try to establish new habits. I’ll provide you with various tools like nutrition plans, food lists, recipes, and educational videos.

My on-going support and the tools that I provide will help to ensure that you achieve long-term results and a long-term change.

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