Are you looking for natural ways in which you can lose weight and improve your body composition?

At Steve Grant Health, you will be guided by experienced health professionals with a track record of results and an understanding of how the body works and the unique challenges that everyone faces.

Our Functional Medicine approach to weight loss

Functional medicine is an approach that embodies understanding the root cause of dysfunction and to develop a plan of action that is personalised and created in partnership between the client and the practitioner.

Weight loss is no different. Something has become dysfunctional, perhaps it’s your nutrition and lifestyle habits, or even an underlying physical imbalance impacting your ability to metabolise fats, or is stress, emotional and mental health is impacting your choices?

Managing energy balance remains the primary focus of any weight loss journey. However, the factors that influence energy balance are huge. We take a detailed history and come to understand how your body is functioning and what we can do to improve outcomes.

Our team consists of nutrition, lifestyle and functional medicine professionals that all have sport and exercise science backgrounds and an ability to offer unparalleled 1-2-1 coaching and support. This ensures that we are well placed in supporting your weight loss goal, no matter how complex or frustrating it may have become.

Functional Medicine Approach To Weight Loss

How our weight loss specialists can support your weight loss goals

Our weight loss clients come to us typically with one of 3 main targets:

Long Term Weight Loss Icon

Long term weight loss

A client looking to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that allow them to achieve a given goal and then maintain that goal with the changes they made to achieve it. This client has a longer-term outlook, wanting sustainable changes.

This is generally a more gradual approach where we layer in changes over time and support the client through various challenges as they arise.

These clients are typically working with us for 3-12 months or more, with intermittent but regular support and accountability.

Short Term Weight Loss Icon

Short term weight loss

Some clients come to us because they want to achieve a rapid weight loss result for a specific event or as an actor, athlete, or performer of some kind.

The focus for these clients is on the result and the given timeframe that they have. They are often highly motivated due to their time dependant goal and require more of a direct protocol and support until their goal is met.

These clients are typically working with us for 4-16 weeks to achieve their goals with regular support and accountability.

Weight Loss Resistance Icon

Overcoming weight loss resistance

We see a lot of clients that have grown frustrated when it comes to weight loss. They are often told or made to think they have failed or lack in willpower.

Someone’s dieting history, current dietary habits, genetics, hormones, nutrient status, exercise levels and body composition can all play a role in metabolism. We see a lot of people that have “tried everything and nothing seems to work”. Or the things that worked previously don’t have the same effect.

Nutritionist for weight loss

If someone tells you weight loss is not about calories, they are lying to you. However, what must be said is your calorie output and calorie input is massively influenced by our physiology and our psychology. So, what on face-value should be a simple concept, “calories in vs calories out”, can have a lot of moving parts.

Using a functional medicine approach to weight loss, we develop a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan that supports your physiology and understands the psychological components associated to the choices that you make.

Our nutritionists make recommendations that help you avoid excessive metabolic adaptation. This can help you achieve positive body composition results, minimising the risk of a diet that becomes increasingly restrictive and uninspiring.

Jane Going Through Composition Test Results
Danny Doing Body Composition Test

Testing for weight loss

We offer a variety of testing that supports your weight loss journey.

For clients that see our nutritionists in our London clinic, we run body composition assessments that breakdown your weight into fat mass, muscle mass, water levels etc. This helps to set realistic goals and track progress beyond just the weight on the scale.

We also offer specialist laboratory tests that help to guide us with the most appropriate diet and lifestyle strategy for you. We can uncover and help to address underlying imbalances that may negatively impact results and we can also track improvements in your test results.

Coaching for weight loss

We have been supporting people with weight loss goals for over 15 years now. Most people have a good idea on what they need to do for successful weight loss. However, navigating the practical changes and our emotional relationship to foods is typically what challenges people the most.

Our nutrition, lifestyle and functional medicine practitioners are on hand to support this, and we also have a network of associate practitioners that may also be used to support our clients with stress and emotional factors that may be derailing their efforts.

Simply being given a diet plan to follow rarely works. We have found that a collaborative relationship is far more successful in the long term.

Why trust us for your weight loss journey?

There are a lot of people out there touting themselves as weight loss experts. Some good, many not so good. Particularly in this world of Instagram, Tik Tok and all things social media, it can be hard to know who to trust.

All our practitioners have significant experience and qualifications recognised by various governing bodies in the field of nutrition and healthcare. They also have developed further education to support 1-2-1 coaching and behaviour change, and all have a strong exercise and nutritional science backgrounds.

We are trusted by many other professionals who refer to us to support their clients. This includes other nutritionists, dieticians, functional medicine practitioners, osteopaths, physiotherapists, personal trainers, medical doctors and more.

working with steve grant

We have a vast amount of experience working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis and have a track record of past results with real testimonials to prove it.

Since 2013, Steve Grant Health has been trusted by many film & TV productions to support weight loss and body composition transformations of actors and stunt performers alike. We are credited for supporting actors in numerous movies such as Avengers, Thor, Unbroken, Jack Reacher and more. We also contribute to publications such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Telegraph plus others.

If you have underlying health issues that might be impacting weight loss or a result of weight gain, we can support you. PCOS, diabetes, thyroid issues, leptin resistance, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, these are just a few areas we are very familiar with and experienced in.

Riz Ahmed
Testimonial Stars

“Steve grant is amazing. His holistic approach, range and depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and clarity and simplicity of methods make him a brilliantly effective guide in any process of body transformation.”

Testimonial Stars

“Following a diagnosis of breast cancer and treatment, I was left with the consequences: weight gain, tiredness, low fitness and lymphedema. Steve’s positive approach and his support via WhatsApp between consultations helped me to not only lose the weight gained, but also regain my fitness. I’m back running and cycling and feel even better than I did prior my diagnosis.”

Testimonial Stars

“In the first 5 weeks I lost 5.6% body fat and dropped 10kg in body weight. By the 6 month mark I had lowered my body fat by 13% and reduced my bodyweight by almost 30kg.”

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