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We envision a world in which all those looking to optimise health or recover from chronic health issues have easily available to them the services and resources of Integrative & Functional Medicine, in which people receive individualised care, time and the holistic approach that is the underpinning of a successful journey to good health, thereby also freeing up the conventional health system to deliver acute care more effectively.


The Steve Grant Health mission is to offer accessible, caring and empathetic services that can help anyone optimise their health through positive nutrition and lifestyle change.

We are committed to offering empowering one-to-one personalised care and a comprehensive online platform that focuses on the true roots to optimal health.

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We believe…

  • It is possible to be not just free of disease but to thrive – to create a vibrant and happy life – through the principles and approaches of Integrative & Functional Medicine.
  • A personalised approach to delivering healthcare is the best way to optimise health.
  • It is important that clients are empowered in their health journey, and feel listened to and cared for.
  • It is beneficial for clients to receive individualised guidance from a team of specialist practitioners who are dedicated to true wellbeing.
  • Everyone should have access to excellent educational resources to support and guide their health journey.
  • The true roots to optimal health include nutrition, sleep, movement, mind, emotions and relationships.

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  • Bobby Hanton - Stunt Performer

    Bobby Hanton – Stunt Performer

    “I lost 4% body fat in 3 weeks thanks to Steve and I am in the best shape of my life! I won’t go to anyone else now. I feel so confident that with Steve’s help and hard work i can achieve any body shape I need to for work.”

  • Maryline


    Today my RA symptoms have gone by 90/95%. I have unbelievable energy, people think I am 10 years younger than my age. I have no hives or blurry vision symptoms anymore. I sleep well, I do not take painkillers anymore, I don’t have any flare ups, and my immune system is getting stronger.

  • Georgina - Happy Mum

    Georgina – Happy Mum

    “I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done, I genuinely don’t think our daughter would be here if it weren’t for our consultation. In addition, taking control of my nutrition finally made me feel empowered over my body when I was beginning to feel so lost.”

  • Marlow Warrington - Stunt Performer

    Marlow Warrington – Stunt Performer

    “I started the diet at 87kgs with an approx body fat of 14% and am now a much leaner 83kgs with a 10% body fat. If you are after “healthy” fast results and care about your health I honestly don’t have enough good to say about my experience with Steve.”

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